Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2010

Spring Chicken Tour

Pizza there and it is just west (about 1 block) of McDonalds and Burlington Road).
The drive time of the tour will be 1.5 hours; just in time for the “Spring Chicken Spread” at Bill and Jan’s place in Lake Geneva. There will be grilled chicken and last year the shredded BBQ was very popular so we will have that again as well. All the fixings and side dishes will be there as well as drinks (water and soda). If you wish a stronger drink, please feel free to bring your own, there will be plenty of ice to keep things cold.
The past couple of years we have had quite a few people from the Rockford area join us. We know that you probably will not want to drive all the way south to start at the beginning but there are several locations that you could pick the route up. Please email me and I will be glad to forward on a copy of the tour directions and we would love to have you join us at the lake for lunch and commiserating.
We hope that we can have even more MG’s involved than we had last year…so come and join us for a day of driving and eating in the country. There will be a cost of $7.00 per person or so to cover the cost of food. Please email Bill at so we know how many will be coming. I would very much like to have replies in by Friday, May 14th. I will send a confirmation email back you and if you are from the north I will be glad to forward directions on to you as well.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via email or cell.

Bill Reece
Cell   630/816-1195
- Bill and Jan Reece 

Club Tech Session, Garage Sale and Scrap Drive
May 8th, May 22nd

We have combined several activities this spring to achieve a variety of goals: read on and you’ll see the connection.
The club has set aside Saturday, May 8 for a Tech Session; this will run from about 1 PM until about 5 PM, and the subject will be the disassembly of several MBG rear ends and several front cross members. We will be removing kingpins and other parts from the front cross members, and we will also be removing hubs, brake parts, and possibly some gears from the rear axles. These items are donated by Carol Mullis and are things that she doesn’t want and would like to dispose of. The location will be Jim Evans’ garage in Glen Ellyn (GPS to 304 May Ave, Glen Ellyn IL 60137). All remaining metal items will be later transferred to the club tool/parts locker in Lombard, IL.
On Saturday, May 22, starting about 10 AM, we will host an open house “garage sale” at the club tool/parts locker. All items in the club parts inventory will be available for


inspection and sale. Club members are invited to bring any items that they would like to sell, also, or anything that they would like to donate to the club parts resale program.
After this event, we will be hauling the leftover axles, etc. to a scrapyard, along with some other metal items in the club’s possession. We will also include any junk metal items left behind by club members at the May 22 “garage sale”. So if you have been looking at some rusted up old item in your garage and wondering how to get rid of it, this may be your answer to not only help yourself but also help the club. Please confine your “junk” items to metal stuff that a scrapyard will take (i.e. no carpeting, seat cushions, etc.). The club storage locker is at Thompson Grand Rental Station, 21W550 North Ave, Lombard IL 60148. It will be possible to drop off items prior to the May 22 event, but you will have to co-ordinate with either Jim Evans or Dave Evans.
So, see how it all ties together? Hope you can join us for some or all of the activities. Because this effort requires coordinating several people’s schedules, it is highly recommended that you check with either the website, or Facebook, or call Jim (630-858-8192) before you leave home to attend either activity. Some activities subject to good weather and subject to rain cancellation, so be sure to call ahead
- Jim Evans  

30th Annual Running
Land’s End Rally
Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Land’s End Rally is the second oldest, continuing event on the club calendar. Initially configured to mimic the Land’s End Trial of England, it morphed over the years into a variety of forms as suited the times at hand; this year, we will return to the spirit of that original Land’s End Rally as conducted by the club in 1981. The date has been set for Sunday, June 13 rain-or-shine. Get ready for an old-fashioned, low-key gimmick rally laid out and conducted in the spirit and procedures of club rallymasters in years past.
Starting point will be in the St Charles area, with the first car off at 1 pm. We will travel a circular course of about 65 miles through Kane and DeKalb counties, straying mostly on two lane country back roads. You know, the kind of roads that remind you of England back in the 1920’s: very little traffic, plenty of fresh air and good easy driving. We will traverse through several small villages and towns before arriving at our final destination, a casual restaurant also in the St Charles area. Time then for some refreshments, a review of the rally, and awarding of trophies.
If you haven’t been to a club rally before, this is the one to try. No need for fancy stopwatches, GPS’s or any other sophisticated navigation device: remember, we will be traveling in 1920’s style. Bring a clipboard, a couple of pens, and anything else that you might have wanted with you in 1925 on a long distance drive. Don’t forget: there were no motels back then, no roadside convenience stores, and actually very few filling stations and telephones (but you should bring your cell for emergency situations).
All driving directions will be clearly spelled out, with

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