Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2010

Driving Season and Events
General Rules

The Driving Season is to promote driving our MGs in a variety of Driving Events. These include tours, rallies, and other events that encourage driving an MG

Participation Eligibility
The driving season is open to all Chicagoland MG Club and Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago members, family and friends of members.
Only members of the Chicagoland MG Club, driving an MG, accumulate points towards annual trophies and programs. All participants driving an MG are eligible for official event trophies
Every participant receives event memorabilia and can win fun or gimmick trophies.

All participating vehicles must have insurance and all drivers must have a valid driver's license. Each participant also signs the liability waiver.

Event Types
A rally is a competitive event that follows a specified route determined by the organizer. Most rallies in the Chicagoland MG Club are gimmick rallies. In a gimmick rally, participants get a set of directions and a set of questions. The directions guide the participant along the specified route. Finding the correct route is never the challenge in this type of rally. The questions can be answered along the route. Directions and questions can have an overall theme i.e. Halloween. The answers are scored to determine the placing in the event. Other types of rallies can be organized only after consultation with the Driving events Coordinator.

A tour is a non-competitive driving event that takes place on a specified route determined by the organizer. The idea is to enjoy scenery, good roads, good food, the company of good friends, and our MG's.

Auto Cross
An autocross or gymkhana is a timed competitive driving event where participants go around a specified course, laid out by the organizer with traffic cones on a parking lot. Drivers shall wear a helmet and use seat belts. (only if seatbelts where part of the original delivery of the car) Classes may be used to even model specific competitive advantages.

Other Events
There are several other events where it is encouraged to drive or participate in an MG. These may include club picnics, car shows, outings to a race, or otherwise car related events. For the purpose of the driving season and the annual trophies or programs these are also considered driving events.


Annual Awards and Programs
The Chicagoland MG Club has two traveling annual awards: the Moss Motors Cup for the driver of the year and the Victoria British Cup for the co-driver of the year. Other trophies or programs may be added as needed. The two traveling trophies stay with the winning member for one year. The point system for

Spring Tune-Up Parts Contest

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