Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2013

George Phariss The Steering
Left Hand Drive

Well if you believe the alignment of the stars, the location and tilt of the earth as it orbits the Sun, the temperature of El Nino and that it is all coming together, then it is time that we should be able to start enjoying warmer weather. And warmer weather means that most of us start driving our MG's. I hope that you took advantage of the spring tune up and again thanks to Dave Bralich for planning the event and this was the 28th year that Mark Leuck (A SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO MARK) has hosted the event, because it means that you are ready to begin driving your MG.

Our April club meeting was a good one and we had a good turn out. Thanks to Marty Fay, of Motor Works out of DeKalb for his very informative talk about working on and restoring MG's and other British cars. He also made a nice gift to the club library in the form of several DVD, eBooks, and a hardcover book full of restoration information. Bill Mennell said that the book would be available for checkout at our May meeting. He wanted the first opportunity to review the book. Marty's web site www, has several down loadable sections that might be interesting to club members. The downloads are free. His shop and a link to his web site have been listed on our own club web site for several years.

Our May meeting will also have a guest speaker. The author of the The Midwest Motorsport Legend-Meadowdale Raceways, Mr Phil Aleo will be on hand to discuss his book, and entertain us with stories about the fabled racetrack. This is a meeting that you will definitely want to attend. I know I am looking forward to hearing more about its history. We will also be reviewing the upcoming driving events. One of them, the Spring Chicken Run is scheduled to end at my house on May 19, and Jana and I are looking forward to hosting the event again this year. See another section of this Driveline for the details of the event.

After a two month vacation, our Minister of Finance will be returning and it will be interesting to hear his tales about his trip and retirement. Looks like Ralph and Susan had a great trip!!

-- George Phariss      


John-Paul Brossard The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Im watching the pouring rain and the chilly forecast, what a lousy April for those of us waiting for more temperate climes to get our MGs out. But with such a great driving season ahead Ill just have to hang on to my tweed cap and wait like the rest. Its coming.

Regarding the driving season, Id like to start with a tip o the hat to club Secretary David Novak for the regular e-mail blasts outlining the upcoming activities and events, and also to Reinout for all the work he puts in on the event planning and event calendar. I look forward to the joint activities with members from the vintage club. But let me tell you about one event that is on my calendar for sure, the University Motors MG Summer Party Reunion August 15-18. I was a first-timer last year.

This event is sponsored by John Twist of University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There were several CMGC members there, more than Id expected really. The weekend started with a small pack of us meeting at the South Holland Oasis on I 294 on a beautiful sunny Friday for the late-morning drive to Grand Rapids. Theres a sense of comfort and security (for me at least) travelling in a pack for longer excursions. For some, the event started by going up Thursday. And for some, the weekend started with the MG Grand Lake Endurance Challenge (24 hour - 1000 miles from the Grand Rapids Hilton parking lotYikes!).

I could probably write a couple of pages about the weekend, but Ill spare you that. In a nutshell there are many activities, to name a few as I recall there is the check-in and reception, regalia sales, Saturday breakfast, then the caravan rallye to Douglas Walker Park fields where everyone lines up their MGs (all vintages) accordingly, followed by lots of visiting, viewing, BBQ-ing, vendors, voting, and return to the Hilton for the Awards Dinner and Keynote Speaker, and of course the evening Parking Lot Parties visiting with attendees from many many states. Optional Sunday activities are at the Grattan race track including the Parade Lap and Track Touring. This year features the sedansY-Z-Farina-11/1300. More info can be had at Im in.

Carry on

-- Joel-Paul Brossard    

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