Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2014

George Phariss The Steering
Left Hand Drive

Jana and I are ready to start the driving season. Oil changed, B was looked over at the Spring Tune-up by people far wiser than me and the insurance and Illinois registration paid up. Now, we just need the weather to cooperate!

Jana and I have the Spring Chicken Run in the concept mode at this point. We know where and when we are starting and where we are ending and some of the points in between, we just have to complete the finishing touches. The meal is planned and we even have a plan if there is inclement weather. We are looking forward to a fun day and hope that you can make it. We would appreciate it if you would let us know that you are planning to attend. We want to have enough chicken and fixings on hand. Just give us a call 847-566-5075 or an e-mail at to let us know that you will be coming.

Dino Perez has agreed to be the club's Car Show Coordinator. We have set up a job description that means that we will participate as a club in 2 to 4 car events per year. In addition, Dino will work with Barney so that the web site has an up to date listing of car shows that people also may wish to attend on their own and have literature available so that the attendee can provide prospective members with material to sign them up. We actively participated in shows in the past like the Orphan Car Picnic, etc. Dino is the contact if you hear about a cruise night or car show that is featuring British cars where we may wish to attend.

I want to thank Steve Skegg for the tech session at our April Club meeting. It brought out lots of good discussion and I found it to be very informative. Also thanks Ralph for the information concerning our Christmas party and the new venue.

For our May meeting we will have the "Red Light Doctor" to present on how the Cameras work and to discuss what can be done if you get a red light ticket. Should be an interesting talk. In June, we will have a discussion of transmissions hosted by Seth Jones.
-- George Phariss     


Cictor_Lheureux The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Things are a happenin’ in the garages around town. Russ Mehaffey is finishing up an engine transplant in his MGA, Dave Bralich is preparing his race car for the upcoming races, 30+ members put their cars up on the rack for the Spring Tune-up Party and Steve Skegg is pumpin’ out car repairs in his shop faster ‘n Earl Scheib can paint. Two club Driving Events have taken place and my car still sits in the driveway. So here I am wonderin’ why I haven’t even uncovered my MGB that has been entombed all winter in a block of snow & ice? I’m sure the car survived the winter – it has been left out in the cold before – but you never know who (or what) may have taken up residence in the sheltered interior during the harsh cold winter? I’m leery of venturing a peek.

Could it be that other events have taken up most of my time? The annual Swap Meet & Autojumble was over months ago, the Driveline newsletter is ready to print (really, how difficult is it to put together a 20-page newsletter?) and my house sale is moving along at a hurried pace – closing in only a few weeks. Gee, that could be it. I’ll be homeless in three weeks! Penny & I have set our eyes on a small ranch home in Crystal Lake and have submitted an offer that was accepted. The problem was the house inspection – many problems – and the current owners are balking on the repairs needed. Not to mention the stress involved in working with the government for VA financing – they are as slow as molasses on a winter morning.

Why is this house so unique? Penny likes the 1954 style and ‘cuteness’, while I am drooling over the four-car tandem heated garage! Maybe that is what I am waiting for…a place for my ’67 red MGB to call home. No more shivering in the cold winter, plenty of room to work on my project car (the one that ironically occupied the current warm garage last winter) and maybe a hangout for a future Garage Tour site. If only I could look into the future and relieve all this inherent stress.

-- ~~ Victor L’Heureux    

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