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Tales of the Mongrel
Ralph Arata

A Day wit Steve

Steve Skegg, the club's technical program coordinator, held a tech session Saturday, April19th at his garage in Downers Grove. At 10:30AM, a group of 8 hearty individuals showed up to help and learn from Steve. Steve is getting a club member's 1972 MGB back on the road after a long sabbatical of in activity. The car had done a lot of road rallying and so it needs a good bit of work including suspension, steering, ignition, engine, transmission, etc....

I have done a good deal of work on my own '72 B but my knowledge is 100% school-of-hard-knocks so my intention was to learn from an expert. Most people that own an MG join our club as they are looking for help to keep their car running. I would encourage anyone in our club to join in the next tech session at Steve's to see how these cars are put together. The experience is priceless.

Steve's shop is expertly laid out and complete with tool/bench area, storage areas, many spare parts and fluids and hydraulic lift for the car. His shop is a enthusiast's dream.


Most of the folks that were with Steve that day were not highly mechanical but under Steve's guidance they detached required cables and components and then worked with Steve to pull both the engine and transmission from this MGB. What a learning experience it was!! Once out they dropped the oil pan from the bottom of the engine, took off the oil pump and removed the bottom end crank shaft bearings to examine them for wear....and buy, they were worn - down to the copper.

Well, needless to say this event was a significant learning experience. Even if one doesn't work on his/her MG and perhaps has no intention to, seeing how the car comes apart is a near priceless experience. Especially, in the presence of an expert such as Steve who explains things as he goes. For those that do some work on their cars and want to learn more this is also an exceptional classroom-type event. Stay tuned to your Driveline for upcoming Technical events with "Dr." Steve Skegg.

~~ Ralph Arata

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