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Post cards from Karel
An ‘Auto’biography of History

This postcard was sent from the Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland and is stamped March 24,1963. Probably the first time that the MGB was shown on the continent. (RV: as the British used to call mainland Europe, not part of their islands) On the card you see a cut-out model of the new MGB next to a Magnette.

~~ Reinout Vogt  

Enjoy and MGreetings,

PS. Did you notice that the caption of Karel’s Postcard in last month’s Driveline was incorrect? Probably not because the description was quite close. It was not a Marina and the MG was a TA, a Midget also, but an older one. Karel’s caption should have been: “Cars waiting for a car ferry. Based on the vehicles, this may have been pre-WWII. The MG appears to be a TA with license plate GPH.

I am a long time MG owner (1973 Midget) in the midst of a restoration of a 1959 MGA. I am looking for the correct color red interior for the car. I have never seen an original red interior for an MGA, but understand many of the after-market interiors are too dark. I was hoping to find a Chicago area MGA with an original red interior that I could take a quick look at and compare against various samples I have obtained from interior suppliers. If there is a member of the Chicagoland MG club that could be of assistance in connecting me with an owner of such a car, I would really appreciate it. My phone number is 312-407-0784.

Thanks in advance,
Richard Witzel—Chicago, IL -- email

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