Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2015

The Steering Column

David Novak
Left Hand Drive
from our President
I hope everybody is well, and preparing their MGs for the busy driving season ahead. Last month I talked about needing to replace the fuel pump in the B. Well, I finally went to the parts store and bought a new pump! Installing it was a challenge. The previous owner installed a Facet-style (think cube shaped) fuel pump. And while that pump clanked along happily enough, it wasn’t actually pumping enough fuel to keep the MG hurtling down the road. On top of that obvious issue, there was a pre-pump filter that was weeping fuel! This is not something I want happening in my garage, where I have been known to weld and grind! Weeping fuel and hot steel sparks are not a good combination for a long, un-cooked, life!

Removing the old pump wasn’t too much trouble. The initial installation of the pump wasn’t too hard, and it came with a pre-pump filter like the old pump. Once it was installed, and plumped, it became clear that the new pump was also weeping fuel, and at the same spot as the old pump!

After an eternity of trying to tighten the weeping junction, I gave up and made a quick trip to the car parts shop. Returning home with the second pump, as well as a tube of thread sealant, and I was back at it. Having already installed the pump once, the second time went even quicker! Shortly afterwards, the B roared back to life, eager for road head! Success!

The only downside is that I noticed that the inside of the passenger side rear wheel was covered in gunk. This could mean either that the brake cylinder was leaking, or the axle was leaking, or both! Luckily for our safety, it appears to be just an axle leak, and new seals are on their way, along with another set of leaf springs, as the current springs are sagging after only 3 years of duty!

I hope when you awaken your MG, it goes better than this! See you on the road,

-- Dave Novak      

Auto Appraisal Group

Ray Hansen

The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive  
from our Vice-President  
I found another excuse to preserve my “honey-do” list. It’s a long list, but so are my reasons to not even look at the list. The only thing I cannot control is that for some reason it gets longer every time I look at it. I suspect a gremlin in my midst, since I sure don’t do any adding.

Susan and I, along with Dan and Mary Kerkman, took a test drive for the upcoming “Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour” in early April. As you may know by now, this is a repeat of the original tour created by Dan and Nancy Herman. Dan Kerkman drove the route while I tried my hand at navigating. The hardest part of navigating is forgetting to direct the driver while the navigator is distracted by winding, hilly, scenic roads. The roads were just as much fun to drive and just as picturesque as I remembered from 2006. Thanks again to Dan Herman for selecting the great roads.

Susan and Mary caught a couple of catnaps during the drive to Stockton (Illinois doesn’t get interesting until your West of Freeport). While driving the planned route the ladies stayed awake and Dan and I even heard a few gasps at the sight of some magnificent vistas. Or, it could have been the need of four sets of eyes when trying to find the Savanna, IL Chamber of Commerce, which we never did find that kept them awake. Or, was their alert state in anticipation of the Poopy’s stop to consider a tasteful tattoo?

The distillery was discovered by Dan Kerkman, and a great find. It is in Galena and will be added to this year’s tour. You can make your own Bloody Mary’s with all the fixings or order a cocktail and enjoy them on leather sofas which are arranged in several small groupings, not the typical bar atmosphere. Did you ever want to age your own whiskey? You can purchase a small barrel and try it.

We were all awake for the final stop before heading home on Saturday, the much savored, obligatory ice cream stop. It was a good test run, and enjoyed planning the 2015 nostalgia tour of Dan Herman’s original Secrets of Jo-Daviess 2006 tour. We need you to read the article on the details of the tour in this Driveline in order to secure a count for restaurant reservations.

Now that the weather is finally cooperating (except for the end of April’s cold snap) I hope you had a chance to get your LBC on the road. Until I ramble on again in next month’s Driveline. Enjoy putting off the honey-do list (unless it is test driving your MG).

~~ Ray Hansen & Maggie    
(AKA Little Red)

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