Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2015

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2015

Victor Lheureux

38 Members in attendance

CMGC President Dave Novak opened the meeting at 8:01 pm.

Car Projects- Ralph Arata reupholstered the seats in his 72 MGB – a lot more ‘cush for the tush’. Jim Evans noted that he has a MGB for sale that needs some additional restoration. He has performed a considerable amount of work, but not yet complete. Phil Wydra asked for some guidance on what to do with leaking rear shocks. Bill Kalafut is replacing his front bushings and asked for guidance on replacements. He also has a wiring harness replacement in progress. Dino Perez noted he drove his RV8 clone to the meeting today.

Guest Speaker – Pat Marcus of Windy City Miata Auto Club talked to the club about Autocross and her numerous years working this event. A number of questions were answered regarding this ongoing event. Reinout Vogt noted we have three of the events on our Driving calendar. He also presented an overview of the types of Rallies and what is being offered in the CMGC.

Break & 50:50 raffle – Tim Schafer was the winner of $23.

  Upcoming Driving/Social Event Schedule
May 3 – Spring Brunch sponsored by the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago.
May 9 — Spring Tune-Up – this is a rescheduled date per the owner’s request.
May 15-17 -- Spring Tour sponsored by Ric & Nancy Maitzen of the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago.
May 31 - Spring Chicken Rally – CMGC annual event sponsored by George & Jana Phariss.

Next Month
May 18th meeting we have tentatively set up a tech session with Steve Skegg.

  Other Business – There is now available to CMGC members an electronic version of the monthly newsletter Driveline. Members are requested to email their desire to receive in this version to You still will receive the printed copy via mail.

No new business was presented for discussion. Meeting adjourned at 9:39 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux
CMGC Secretary

books The Library Muse

Mark Twain has been quoted as saying that ‘golf is a good walk spoiled.’ I’m sure that some of us may have felt the same way with auto rallyes, a good drive spoiled. Two or three hours of sitting in a small car arguing with the navigator (usually one’s spouse) about the route instructions was not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of the members preferred the ‘easier’ tours. But at the April meeting Reinout introduced the tulip system which should alleviate the fear of getting lost during the rallye. It should be fairly simple to follow the route. Of course if you’re like Three Horse (Deb’s Indian name) and me you will still find plenty to argue about.

To make sure that your MG is up to snuff for the driving season plan to attend the Spring Tune-up party which has been rescheduled to Saturday May 9th. Same location as last year, Don’s Auto Aid in Warrenville, 12 noon until 4PM, to be followed by refreshments at one of the local brew pubs.

Chek-Chart ASE Study Guides
Don Stanford, 1954, 182 pages, paperback

Maynard Hirsh has donated four auto study guides to the library.

  • Manual Drive Trains and Axels, 1998 62 pages
  • Suspension and Steering, 1998 62 pages
  • Engine Repair, 2003 99 pages
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems, 2004 85 pages

    Each book is a soft bound manual for students studying for their ASE exams. Basic books that are not specific for any particular model or make. A lot of nice diagrams. Good information for the less experienced mechanic.

    -- ~~ Bill Mennell

    eDriveline is ready for you!

    The leadership team of the club has decided to try something new, and is looking for volunteers to receive the club newsletter digitally. Here are a couple of the advantages of a digital newsletter:
  • Read it on your iPad, smart-phone, or other device
  • See all the pictures in color
  • Receive the newsletter via email anywhere you have the internet
  • Enjoy the newsletter up to 5 days earlier

  • If you are interested in receiving the club's newsletter digitally, please email the Secretary using this link:

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