Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2015
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Monthly Column of Driving Events

May has always been one of the busiest months on the Driving Events Calendar; Spring this, Spring that, Spring here, and Spring there. This year is no exception, it is even busier as the Spring Tune up had to be rescheduled to Saturday, May 9. This issue of the newsletter should be full of announcements for the upcoming driving events. The organizers are ready and the big question is, are you ready too? Have you made plans and commit time to attend? Did you finish those little projects on your MG, so it sits in the garage, ready to get out with its MG friends? Of course you are, and we look forward to see you all at one, several, or all the Spring MG events in May.

And you know what? This year, from June all the way to October, are pretty full also. The previous issue included the entire calendar. Sometimes things may change a little bit and you should always watch this newsletter, the club web sites, and the weekly email blasts for updates. Here is another one, that just came in. The Garage Sale, the event where we try to clear out the MGA, MGB, and Midget parts from the CMGC locker has moved to a new date on Saturday, August 22 from Saturday, June 20. And that will make room on the calendar for you to attend the British Car Show at Highland Games in Itasca, not an official club event (maybe next year?), but supported and well-liked by several club members. James Brennan is part of the organization and can probably help you


with details and answer any questions (754) 273 6626. The calendar has been updated and will be posted on the club web sites. 

For 2015 we renewed our Autocross program. In association with the Austin Healy Club and the Windy City Miata Club, we have four Autocross events on the calendar. Pat Marcus, the Miata Autocross chair, spoke about Autocross at the April club meeting and Jim Compton (847)741 4934, will be the MG Clubs of Chicago Autocross coordinator. Several members are planning to participate in the 2015 Autocrosses and it would be great to see these sporty and competitive events flourish again.

Well, that was it. I will not keep you any longer to give you time to plan your 2015 MG Clubs of Chicago Driving Events. Get them on your calendars, make all necessary arrangements, and get your MG ready. That’s what I am going to do too!

Hope to see you at many events and please call me at (847 342 9804 or send me a note at if you have any questions, suggestion, concerns, or comments. I’d love to hear from you.

And please keep in mind,

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

MG Limited
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