Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2016

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2016

Victor Lheureux

49 Members & guests in attendance

CMGC president Dave Novak opened the meeting at 8:00 pm. Dave welcomed new members Noel Garcia, Randy Meier and Todd Gustavson and recognized the following guests: Elliot & Honey Gaylord, son and daughter of member Barney Gaylord; and Pat Marcus, representing the Windy City Miata Club.

Car Projects
Noel Tetrev is currently working on painting the removed engine of his 1964 MGB.
Jim Compton noted that the work on his front-end is taking longer than anticipated. Frozen bolts, unexpected broken components have delayed the kingpin and bushing replacement project. He is working against the clock and hopes to be ready for the Autocross in May.
Steve ‘Sparky’ Sparks is looking to replace the lap belts in his 1965 Midget. It was recommended that he purchase new from a number of suggested parts stores since any lap belt purchased used is probably older and in worse shape than the ones he already has.

Autocross Update
Pat MarcusWindy City Miata Club gave a brief overview of the Autocross events held by the WCMC every year. The first session will be held on April 30th and the racing slate is already full with 75 drivers signed up. There are five CMGC members on the list. Any person wanting to race in future events need to sign up 2 weeks prior to the event. All are welcome to watch the races.

Guest Speaker
Barney Gaylord
has spent close to two years traveling the 48 states visiting British car clubs and holding technical sessions for the members. Barney noted a few stories of interest of his travels and answered members’ questions. He will be leaving this evening heading east to Philadelphia to perform some bodywork


on his 1958 MGA in a shop of a club member he met on a previous visit. Barney has traveled with his son over 71,000 miles in his car pulling a trailer. You can follow his follies on his personal website:

  Break/ 50:50 raffle – CMGC member – Pat Guest -- was the winner of the $36. (Since Pat & Bonnie hail from Valparaiso IN, the winnings could pay for gas to travel to this evening's meeting!)

Meeting Business
Swap Meet—Dave Novak
applauded the efforts of Jim Evans and Vic L’Heureux and all the working members in the Swap Meet. The event was successful in generating much needed funds for the club. Preliminary statistics show over 550 customers were in attendance viewing wares and parts provided by 58 vendors. Even though the vendor count and buyer count were down from previous years, the event was successful. Further results of the event will be presented next month after all the expenses are recorded.

Upcoming Driving/Social Event Schedule
April 30 – Miata Autocross in Schaumburg, IL. Contact Jim Compton for details.
May 1 – Spring Brunch
May 7 – Spring Tune-up – contact Bill Mennell or Dave Bralich for details
May 14 – Car Care Safety Clinic for Seniors
May 15 – Spring Chicken Rally
May 20-22 – Spring Tour organized by VMGCC member Ric Maitzen

With no further business to discuss, president Dave Novak closed the meeting at 9:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux
CMGC Secretary

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