Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2016

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evening we were attending Natter 'n' Noggin in Downers Grove, IL with a dozen CMGC members.

Next day (Apr 13) I was attempting another valve adjustment on my MGA when I decided the head was too far gone and ordered up delivery of a newly rebuilt cylinder head (previously ordered and paid for) from Glen's MG Repair in St Petersburg, Florida. We did get to a meeting with Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago in Northlake, IL. Next day while visiting with Vic and Penny L'Heureux in Crystal Lake, the faulty cylinder head came off, and the following day the new one was installed. It's only maintenance, just fix it and drive on. Also notice the exhaust manifold was cracked (again).

For the first outing with the new cylinder head on April 16 there was a trip to our storage locker in Romeoville (where 83 degrees Fahrenheit was a nice change after the snow in South Bend). Then back to Glendale Heights so see Seth Jones again where I dropped off a cabinet with some "stuff" that were floundering in my storage locker (like 200 pounds of tools). This was followed by an evening with some CMGC folks doing setup for the Swap Meet, followed by dinner with the gang at Alfie’s in Glen Ellyn.

On the 17th, early morning opening for the Swap Meet vendors move in, followed by the now notorious All British Swap Meet And Autojumble (see photos and notes at, followed by clean up, then some WiFi work, and some well-earned sleep.

Monday morning early off to change a shock absorber (again) at World Wide Auto Parts in Madison, WI. Then a dash back to visit Mike Maienza, owner of Great Lakes AutoSports in Westmont, IL (incidentally a good place to get your LBC serviced). In the evening we were off to a dinner meeting with Chicagoland MG Club with about 40 people (I wonder why these folks look so familiar). By midnight we were hanging out 50 miles away in Merrillville, IN, playing spin the bottle again.

Next morning (Apr 19) we were heading south to Zionsville, IN, again (just because we can) for another day's work on Eric Nelson's MGA (not roadable yet but getting close). Then after dark pointing it east about 300 miles to the NE corner of Ohio (about 3-am snooze time). Next day heading more east, landing 7-pm in Cogan Station, Pennsylvania to visit Dave Cappa, where we were about to be sequestered for about a week (optimistically thinking) for a bit of rust repair and a repaint of our MGA.

There are a few friends who drop by occasionally to lend a hand as work progresses. The outer body has been stripped bare for maintenance, rusty LF fender being repaired along with minor touch up on both rear fenders, a new RH door skin, ultimately fresh paint, new parts for screen wiper drive, new windscreen glass, and (hopefully) rebound buffers, rebound straps, new exhaust manifold, and replacement water pump. Yes, it's only maintenance.
~~Barney & Elliot Gaylord   1958 MGA with an attitude

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