Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2016
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The Swap Meet is the club’s only structured fund raising event and many club members stepped up to assist in this endeavor. Armed with measuring tapes, duct tape and markers workers started setting up the three exhibit rooms Saturday evening . Marking the vendor booths has become a simple task for the veteran crew of workers. Once the centerline is located, measuring the individual booths are marked off either utilizing the measuring tape or pcv pipe pre-measured to the booth width. Marking the 80+ booths took less than two hours to complete.

With the task complete, the crew locked up the buildings

and headed to the rendezvous site for dinner and libations — Alfie’s Restaurant.

Sunday morning came early — 5:30am for vendor setup. Trucks vans and trailers pulled up and started unloading at a mechanized pace. Many were true veterans of this task and were set up in quick time. Others were first-timers and took a little more time in getting organized. Customers started arriving at 7:30am even though official opening was at 8:00. The activity became brisk for the firs two hours and them leveled off until noon. As the day progressed, many customers were leaving with their ‘finds’ and the booth activity slowed. It was noted that this year the big sellers were the larger items—wheels and body panels — although many smaller items were sold. Vendor response to customer sales was good overall.

The clean-up crew started the disassembly of the booths, stacking the tables and chairs, removing the marking tape and sweeping the floor. A quick count of the entrance monies collected gave a rough estimate that it was a good day.

Thanks to all our club volunteers that helped in setup, ticket sales, manning the CMGC booths and assisting with cleanup. We could not have had a successful event without you.

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