Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2016
Upcoming Events
Spring Tune-up Party
May 7, 2016

Don’s Auto Ade (Goodyear) has agreed to host CMGC’s annual tune-up party for the third consecutive year. This is your opportunity to put your MG up in the air and give it a good inspection. If you have a cardiac condition you may want to make sure that your insurance (health and life) is paid up as things can be quite scary underneath, not for the faint of heart. Don’s does have an arc welding unit that we could use as a defibrillator if need be.
Not available is 20W50 oil or filters, so bring your own. There is a Car Quest about a block away. For a charge you can also get your wheels (including wires) balanced and/or aligned and pick up a new set of Goodyear or other brands of rubber.
The scheduled date is Saturday May 7th, starting at 12 noon. All work must be completed by 4PM, but with up to seven racks available we can service a lot of cars. Check in with the Pit Boss (Cowboy) before starting any projects. First come first served -- members MGs have priority -- then their other LBCs.
Don’s is located at 2S781 Rt. 59, Warrenville, about a mile north of the E/W Toll road. At 4PM we’ll take a short drive over to Warrenville’s hidden gem, Two Brothers Brewery. I’m arranging with one of the braumeisters for a little behind the scenes tour before sit down to sample some of their fine food and drink.
~~ Bill Mennell

Car Care Safety Clinic for Seniors
May 14, 2016

A sure sign of Spring is the Naperville and Lisle Townships TRIAD Free Car Clinic for Seniors, Saturday May 14, 2016 from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon at the Village of Lisle Public Works Facility, 4905 Yackley Ave., Lisle, IL 60532.

The safety clinic which provides a free 40-point safety inspection of vehicles driven by senior citizens (ages 50 and older). The event grows each year as the Triad organization’s outreach to seniors continues to expand.

Vintage and antique cars will again be on display; most are vehicles owned by our volunteer “car guys” who help perform the inspections. Chicagoland MG Club (CMGC) member Jim Vondran coordinates the Triad car safety clinics and really appreciates the enthusiastic participation of volunteers from the CMGC, the Chicago area Model T Club, and the Chicagoland Miata Club each year.

Please contact Jim directly at (630) 234-7102 to affirm your participation, either as an inspection team crew-member and/or displaying your vintage car, or just stopping by for a portion of the time so that our seniors can see your car while their vehicles are being inspected.

The Naperville and Lisle Townships TRIAD, an organization dedicated to the safety and well being of senior citizens, is a partnership of local governments, law enforcement and fire departments, senior citizens, community groups, and private entities serving the growing senior population. The Triad organization presents several safety and social programs for seniors each year. Visit for more information.

Contact: Jim Vondran (630) 234-7102
~~ Jim Vondran
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