Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2017
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Wine Cheese Beer Tour
September 22-23-24, 2017

Mark your calendars and start making reservations for our next Wine Cheese Beer Tour - This year we will be touring the fabulous MG roads of Wisconsin and stopping for each activity of the Tour's namesake. It is NEVER too early to make reservations and we stress this now as our Saturday night block is quite small but rooms can be booked outside the block, while available, at same rates.†

Friday, Sept 22 - we will stay at the usual place which is also our starting point on Saturday:
LaQuinta Inn & Suites at Rockford, IL. Block is under "Chicagoland MG Club" at $90
Located at 7401 Walton St., Rockford ó Phone: 815-227-1300

Saturday, Sept 23 - Spring Green Motel in (of all places) Spring Green, Wisconsin
Also under "Chicagoland MG Club" - book a room even if the block is gone.†
Rates vary but no discount in or out of block. Phone: 608-588-2141

More updates will follow. We are planning on a very fun time with our MG friends! We already have 9 cars!

If you have any questions, please contact Tour Masters:
Russ Mehaffey -
Ralph Arata -

An MG in the Marina Towers

Steve Alcantara posted a very interesting photo on the Chicagoland MG Clubís Facebook page. (Steve is one of the very, very early CMGC members and is the designer of the Chicago skyline logo, still in use today)

The photo, in black-and-white, shows a MG, driving down in one of the Marina Towers in Chicago. There are several early sixties American cars backed into the parking places on the first five visible floors. The first open floor above that shows the MG nicely positioned between the pillars. Almost too nice of a shot to be a coincidence, isnít it?

Someone I showed the photo suggested that it was Spike Tracy but his whereabouts, to get confirmation, are unknown.

Does anyone have information on this unique photo? Please send it to me or directly to Greg and Victor, if it is ready to be published in one of the next issues.

Thanks and MGreetings,

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