Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2017

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British Motorcar Club of Southern New Mexico
International at two different locations, out of business for several years. Then New Century Car Repair in Las Cruces, NM no longer exists, now a roofing company. We had a dinner meeting with British Motor Car Club Las Cruces, 40 for dinner and several more later. An active group, but no one with a hand up, so we headed west after the meeting. We had a quick in-town visit with Tom McClendon in Deming, NM (his convenience). He has a personal shop about 15 miles out of town, which we may get back to visit later.

Then we were off to Arizona for a week or so, beginning with a visit to British Car Service in Tuscon with a large assortment of vintage British "Arizona cars" with no rust (eat your hearts out in
Fiat 600 Limo - Really?
Chicago). We found MGA, MGB, Rover, Sprite, Alpine, a pair of Lotus including a rare factory built race car, a London taxi, Morris Minor, lots of MGs, Jaguar, and just about anything British imaginable. How about a Fiat 600 stretch limousine?

Next up was Ernie's British Cars in Tucson with the typical assortment of parts cars and restorable cars including a beautiful Austin Healey 3000 tri-carb. Also, a quick trip to Highway Drive Repair Service who will work on anything British when asked.

April 15th weekend we were visiting Triple-C Motor Accessories, LLC in Queen Creek, Arizona at the home of the business owner who had moved here from Pennsylvania about a year earlier. He now does lots of business through and a little on
4000 feet in Arizona (quick work on your sun tan)
eBay, still has considerable stock of wares in multiple storage facilities in the area. Another visit with Bear Holmes in Apache Junction, AZ with a large assortment of pieces of an MGA undergoing restoration.

Next day running north out of Phoenix, 30 miles through the desert and 100 miles up through some hills going from 2,000 to 7,000 feet getting to Tim Vachon in Flagstaff. Just a personal visit here, but also a little maintenance on my MGA -- exhaust pipe gasket, grease the chassis and put some oil in the front shocks. Tim has an MGA with Mazda Miata 1800 Dual Cam engine, four valves per cylinder, MGB distributor, and dual Weber side draft carbs.

Weekend over, heading back south for more shop hopping, first to VTO Performance in
Shortcut in Apache Junction
Prescott Valley, AZ to drool over lots of aluminum wheels. Also in the shop, we
Lots of T-types at From The Frame Up in Mesa
found Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets, which were prevalent enough to be stored on the shelves. Later back in Phoenix we looked for C.A.R.S. of Phoenix (Classic Auto Restoration Services) with two addresses and two phone numbers, all defunct. Then Barry Briskman Auto Restorations in Scottsdale, AZ, also apparently closed. Finally, a winner with From The Frame Up in Mesa, AZ, an MG TC
Delta Motorsports in Phoenix being busy
model specialist not only restoration but also supplying virtually every part required to restore one. Then British Sports Car Service in Phoenix turned out to be "retired" (due to health reasons).

Just when we were thinking the search was not going well we ran into Delta Motorsports, Inc in Phoenix. Start with a TR6 complete, a MGBGT with freshly painted body shall waiting for all the trim, and a couple more cars under cover, a late model Spitfire in for some re-trimming, followed by a few very nice TR6, and one very original low mileage MGC. Also, a couple TR8s, a Triumph Stag, a few Jenson Healeys, and more LBCs out back. Then G&B Enterprises in Phoenix was a chain link fence, with locked gate containing lots of MGB (in various
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