Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2010

Business Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 17, 2010

Victor L'Heureux

Chicagoland MG Club
Monthly Meeting – May 17, 2010

Attendance: 45 members

The monthly meeting was called to order at 8:01 pm by President, Dave Peterson.

Dave recognized new member Kyle Kruszewski and guest Teresa Gaylord the meeting.

Secrets of Jo Daviess County tour - Dan Herman pre-sented this year’s pre-tour overview slide show extrava-ganza. The tour will focus on 350 miles of driving through the scenic northwestern Illinois and southwestern Wiscon-sin with occasional stops at selected attractions – Wind Farm (up close and personal), Brewery (for a quick one), Winery (stretch your legs), and the obligatory Wisconsin Cheese store. Overnight accommodations are quite nice and an indoor pool is available on Saturday night. Addi-tional details are noted in the Driveline.

Driving Program – Reinout Vogt outlined the rules of engagement for the various club activities – Rallys, Tours, Autocross – to encourage driving our MG’s. The presen-tation included a handout describing these types of activi-ties and what is expected from the participants. Points are accumulated for all types of events and awards are pre-sented at the end of the driving season. Participants re-ceive event memorabilia and can win fun or gimmick tro-phies. The focus is to have fun while driving our MG’s.

Upcoming Events– See details in the Driveline or on the Website of the many events available for club members in the near future.
Spring Chicken tour – 05/23/10 – This popular event will be a little different this year. We will start in the western suburbs and end up in the Lake Geneva area. More de-tails to come.
Land’s End Rally - 6/13/10 – Jim Evans noted the route is set and will consist of about 60 miles of scenic road driving in western Illinois. It will be a great Sunday after-noon drive.
One-tank Tour – 7/11/10 – Jim Evans is sponsoring this event and will take a ride along the scenic Blackhawk trail. More information will be available next month.

Technical Session – June 5th – will focus on front wheel bearings. Event will be at Dave Bralick’s garage in Streamwood, IL.
Technical Session – June 12th – this session will be fo-cused on basic MIG welding and floorboard replacement. Event will take place at Bob Evans’ garage in Medinah, IL.

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Monthly Column of Driving Events

The 2010 Driving Season continued its spectacular start with the Spring Chicken Tour. If this was not a picture per-fect MG driving day, I don't know what is. Blue sky, a 60 mile tour from St. Charles/Wasco, and another wonderful chicken-themed cookout, hosted by Bill and Jan Reece in Lake Geneva — it really doesn't get any better!

There were over 20 MG's on the tour, led by Dave and Judy Peterson, caravanning along the far West back roads to Lake Geneva. Almost no traffic lights, a few stop signs, some curves, here and there a little hill: MG driving at its best! In Lake Ge-neva, about half-a-dozen T-Series MG's joined us on the way home from the Vintage MG Club of Chicago Spring Tour Weekend in the Rockford area. That made around 60 people enjoying the delicious food prepared by Bill, Jan and their daughter Laura. Dash plaques for everyone, and a point for the Moss Motors and Victoria British Trophies for our club mem-bers completed the proceedings of another 2010 driving Season event. On behalf of all, thanks a lot Judy, Jan, Laura, Dave and Bill for a Mighty Great day.

At the May club meeting we presented the 2010 Driving Season program, general rules, and an introduction to our gimmick rallies. If you missed the evening, or if you have any unan-swered questions, please let me know before Sunday June 13, because that's when the first rally of the season, The Land's end Trial will take place. You should find all the details else-where in this edition of the Driveline. And the calendar for the June, July, and August is packed — so plan ahead. We would like to see all of your MG's out on the roads, enjoying the 2010 Driving Season. Also note that we have decided to make the August 29 Orphan Auto Picnic a joint event with the Vintage MG Club of Chicago. I hope to find a coordinator this month so that you can expect the necessary details in the July issue. With two events now in the books you can expect the standings for the Moss Motors and Victoria British Trophies to be on the club website next week. Maybe there is even time to add the Top 10 or so in this Driveline.

To close my June Directions Column, I would like to ask your help with something. Wouldn't it be great to have a little report about each of the driving events in our Driveline? It doesn't have to be real extensive, just a few words like you see above about the Spring Chicken Tour. And because I am not able to participate in all the events myself, I would need a volunteer for

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