Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2011

Monthly Column of Driving Events

The 2011 Driving Season is in full swing. After the Spring Tune-up we have had two tours. The weather for the Run to Brighton was not too good, but several MG's from both clubs participated along with the Model A Fords. Tour masters Bob and Donna Hanselman arranged for a visit to a private car collection in Lake Zurich and in the Brighton tavern they had a commemorative shot glass for all participants. If you don't find a report in this Driveline, you may expect it in the next issue.

The weather forecast for Sunday May 22nd was very bad. Hosts Bill and Jan Reece were already thinking about alternative locations or even a cancellation. Luckily they didn't give up and the day turned out to be gorgeous. Most people must have made it back home before the first raindrops came down. We were with 15 MG's, a Miata and my Corvette at the start in St. Charles and three more MG's showed up in Lake Geneva. You'll find photo's and a report in the Driveline.

Next up are the Austin Healey Autocross, garage tourand the Lucas Memorial (Before) Night Rally. Details for these events are in this Driveline together with information about the July events, the Tally Ho Rally on the 10th and the overnight events on July 15-17. You will probably not find more driving action packed in just one summer than this year's June, July and August. Because three of the upcoming events are rallies I would like to emphasize that these are not set-up to get you lost or in a fist fight with your navigator. We'll make sure that the instructions are clear and the only challenge is in the questions or tasks that determine the score. Getting to finish of the rally, via the planned route, should not be the problem and you and your navigator should be able to enjoy the


ride. If you never done a rally and are not sure if it is something for you, I suggest that you ask one of our veterans. They'll be happy to share their experiences. We really wish that we'll see all of you out there at one or more of the 2011 Driving Season events. And if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 847-909-7564 or

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

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