Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2011

Late MGB Rear Axle Clunk Removal
June 18, 2011 -- 9:00am - 3:00pm

25W151 Lacey Avenue, Naperville, Illinois

We will be replacing differential thrust washers in late model MGB (Salsbury rear axle), any MGB-BGT, or 1968-1980 MGB roadster, to eliminate backlash and clunk. If your MGB has 1/4-inch rotational freeplay at the propshaft bolt flange, it needs this service.

There are two cars already signed up, and we expect to do more. The job only takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and we can work on several cars at once. If weather is bad we can get three inside at one time (about 2 per hour). With good weather we can also have a few jobs going on outside. We think we can handle as many cars as the members will bring for the service, although there may be a limit of 8 or 10 cars if the weather is bad.

We may also do one or two MGA or early MGB with banjo type rear axle if time permits, but it takes about twice as long to R&R the differential in those cars. Come prepared to get dirty. When you get assistance with your car, expect to lend a hand with another car. For any car signed up by June 10th we should be able to do a batch order for the parts. The parts, gaskets and oil will cost about $30 per car. First come first served. To reserve a space for your car and get parts ordered, contact:
Barney Gaylord - (630) 505-0866

Electrical Tips

Clean those connections…
First, the basics: Half of all electrical problems in the MG are caused by loose / corroded / high resistance battery terminal ends. So, remove the cable ends, clean them, clean the battery posts, open the clamps, and reattach them securely.

Fuse Block
Half of the rest of the problems are caused by a dirty fusebox. Remove the fusebox, remove the fuses, and clean the fusebox in an ammonia solution. Abrasive paper wrapped around a fuse end, with the abrasive side outward, is an effective tool with which to clean the inside surface of the fuse clip. Then crimp all the female connecters before reattaching and gently squeeze the fuse clips prior to installing the fuses to ensure a good connection.


Odometer Readings Wanted

Last year (2010) I started to collect odometer readings from club members in order to come up with some fun driving statistics. Starting with the “Spring Tune-up” as the basic beginning date and then the “Fall Tune-down” as an ending date. I compiled some fun facts:

  • Total number of members in study - 24. Not a lot, but I will shoot for more for this year 2011.
  • Total miles in the study - 50,839
  • Lowest - 51 miles
  • Highest - 7,928 miles
  • Average - 2,118
  • Average miles per week - 77.8 (based on approximately 28 weeks)
  • Median (the middle of the pack) - 1,712

    Help me come up with statistics for 2011. Please go out to your MG and write down the odometer reading and date. Then E-mail me at that number along your name, and MG model (TC, TD, A, B, midget…) and year. Mine is a 67-B with reading of 117077. And then in November send me the reading once again. Do I care if your speedometer is accurate? (NO way). I know mine is not.

    In November I will once again calculate the fun facts and then at our annual business meeting I will announce the winner. The winner will be the car/individual that comes closest to the average total miles driven. Using that target, the person with the most miles (as well as the person with the least) will help determine the winner, but will not be the winner.

    Here is all I need:
    Subject: CMGC 2011 Mileage
    Name: _________________________
    Model: _________________________
    Date: _________________________
    Odometer: _________________________

    -- Dave Bralich

    Steve's British Connection
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