Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2011


Tales of the Mongrel
“Chickened – Out”

It is Sunday, May 21st and most of you that follow the Driveline newsletter know that today is the first event of the Chicagoland MG Club’s driving season i.e. the Spring Chicken Rally. Bill and Jan Reece have done just a GREAT job with this very laid back start to the season….no treasure hunt, no points but just a casual Sunday drive the Lake Geneva and their summer home for an outdoors get-together!

A-n-n-n-d guess what! The Chicago weather actually looks as if it “might” cooperate!!

For those of you who belong to the club but do not participate in our events this was a great opportunity to seek out new friends and find out the “social” nature of the club!! IT IS FRIENDLY CROWD OF VERY NORMAL PEOPLE! Susan and I have attended the Spring Chicken Rally for many years but not this year. Work, work, work! What can I say…..another weekend of work!

One of world’s great world’s philosophers, Woody Allen, said “…half of life is just showing up….!” That makes perfect sense, especially in our so – modern society!

Susan and I didn’t show up to the Reece’s Spring Chicken Rally and I really feel as though I have lost something there… important part of “my” driving season. As a club officer (treasurer a.k.a. Minister of Finance), well, I should be there! But like so many things that happen in our day-to-day lives other “stupid” things got in the way!

The “Mongrel” is in tip-top shape and ready for the season. Over the last 3 seasons there are all new wiring harnesses, rear suspension rebuild and rear and front brake system restorations…. a ton of stuff to make the car a real Chicago to LA vehicle if desired! All that work and I can’t even make the Reece affair in Lake Geneva.

OK! For those of you who did not make this rally there is the Dan Herman – Jo Davies overnight coming up. Get together with your spouse or significant other and join us for that overnight affair. It is THE event to meet your club!!!!!

Dan has got the info out and it is also on the website (thank you, Barney). Please join us!!!! If you have any inhibitions about approaching a new group of people just seek me out – I will personally entertain you and get you around to meet everyone! We will talk cars, kids, college, football and whatever tickles your fancy.

Woody Allen – Comedian: Half of Life is Just Showing Up!

-- —Ralph Arata

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