Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2012

Dino Perez The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

I had to do a repair job for Jon Lueken of Naperville after getting his car started on my last visit with him. During this recent visit we installed a new top, a battery cut-off switch and replaced the fuel sending unit.

I had Jon drop off the car at my home to install a new top. The top normally takes about three hours. It is a relatively easy job if you are patient. The next project was installing a battery cut off for the long storage days to save his battery life. Again, an easy project.

Next I installed a new fuel sending unit in the gas tank of his 77 MGB. A quick way to tell if it's the sending unit is defective is to turn ignition key on, take the sending unit terminal and ground it. If the gauge moves you know the problem.

It should take about an hour for the install including the cleaning. Make sure the gas tank is not full. Jack up the passenger rear side of the car so if there is any gas still in the tank, it will move away from the sending unit. The trick to removing the unit is that the unit has three sections of ring. Using a flat screwdriver, gently pry the ring loose before tapping out the ring. You kind of have to twist it out while you’re operating. (It would not be a good idea to be smoking when doing this project!) After a new seal &sending unit reinstall – voilà - The gauge works! Don’t forget to fill up on the way home.

That’s all folks until the next time. Take our MG's out for a drive.
-- David Perez     


George Phariss The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice-President

This has started out as a pretty active driving year. We still have our key events coming up, so I will end up with more miles on my B than in years past. Of course the good weather hasn't hurt any. Just hope that it holds up and we have good weather for the rest of our drives.

So far, the Tulip directions that Rineout talked us into using have made the drives less confusing. It helps to know that the rest of the world uses it, especially for those people that may speak a different language than the printed directions in the language where they are driving. Of course that is not a problem that our club has, If you consider that we all speak Chicago. If I had to critique the Spring Chicken Drive that Jana and I mapped out in the Tulip format, I would have made the individual diagram squares larger, so that they would have been easier to read. So, two squares across instead of three across will be my preference in the future.

Jana and I are off to Indianapolis this week end to visit our families and go to the 500 mile race. I take my scanner to listen in on the drive talk and drive Jana crazy with my comments. By the time you get this the race will be history. My IRL favorite driver is Ryan Hunter-Reay. That is a story that I will have to tell you about some day.

Dino was very thoughtful to include a moment of silence in tribute to the great Carol Shelby at our last club meeting. He was a real bigger than life car person that played a big roll in the car industry and started out racing MG's!!! What a man!

-- George Phariss    

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