Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2013

George Phariss The Steering
Left Hand Drive

If you did not attend the May meeting you missed a great and interesting presentation on the history of the Meadowdale Raceway by the author of the book, Mr. Phillip Aleo. I thought that it was even more interesting on the number of attendees that attended races at the track and that Tom Holzman had attended the first race ever held there in 1958. What a neat experience! To put in a plug for next month, we have another guest speaker for our June meeting, Mr. Yves Boode. I think that you will find it to be interesting and enjoyable.

Jana wants to thank everyone that participated in the Spring Chicken Drive that ended at our house last week end. It is the participants that make an event and we had a good number of cars, 25, and lots of good weather to go with the lively conversation. I also have to put in a plug for my son Kirk that does a good job with the pulled smoked pork butt. Thanks to all that could make it.

The last piece that I have to speak about this month in the column is the announcement that Joel Brossard and his wife Carol will be moving in June to Bellingham, Washington to set up residence there. Wow what beautiful geography they have out there. I envy them for that. Joel and Carol we wish you nothing but the best in your new home. Not surprising that they are keeping their MG, as there are lots of great driving roads in the mountains as well as along the coast that are ready to be experienced by them. If there is not an active MG club there now, I think that it wonít take Joel too long to get one going. We will miss him here at the Chicagoland MG Club as he was our very active club vice president. He was also instrumental in getting the autocrosses back as an active event for our members. I would love to see a volunteer step forward to keep that momentum going. These are fun events and take a bit of coordination and knowing who to talk with so that our members can enter the events. Please let me or Reinout know if you are interested in trying this.
-- George Phariss      

Francen & Son

John-Paul Brossard The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Dear Readers and CMGC members, this is my final RH Drive, and it is a note to say goodbye to you all, and Iíve resigned as Club VP. My wife Carol and I are leaving Chicago and the Midwest and moving to the NW corner of Washington state. Itís a beautiful area about 90 miles north of Seattle and just a half hour drive to the Canadian border near Vancouver. We will be close to friends and family.

Weíve already discovered some great MG roads along the coast and in the mountains, and there will be lots of opportunity to drive my B year round (although winters are rainy and cool, you donít have to shovel rain!), and Iíll be hooking up with a local MG or Brit car club.

Iíve really had a great time with CMGC, and will miss the MG friends Iíve made and the outings. Iím proud to have been a member of the Club. I wish you all well.

Happy trails,

-- Joel-Paul Brossard    

Editorís Note:
Joel, we wish you and Carol the best and trust you will keep in touch with your friends here in the Chicagoland MG Club.
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