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The month of June is still a little bit different from a Driving Events point of view. I wrote more or less the same words last month and things didn't get any better. To begin with, Dan Herman was hospitalized and couldnít organize his tour. When we learned about Danís situation the real spirit of our organizations becomes evident. Immediately a few people step in, lend a helping hand, and get things back on track. And thanks to John Kearns, there is a Jo Daviess Tour this year. And if you get a chance, please wish both John and Dan the best, they deserve it.

The Garage Sale on June 7 is a new addition to the calendar, sort of an ad-hoc idea of Jim Evans to help clean out the club locker. We made it a Driving Event, with dash plaques and points. If youíre still looking for that one particular item, this is your chance. The next day, Sunday June 8, is the Austin Healy Autocross. A little bit of an orphan event since the club still has no Autocross program leader. Please contact Steve Cantrall from the Autin Healy Club for details. (

And then follows the big one, the NAMGBR convention in French Lick, IN. There will be two groups leaving on Sunday, June15. John Schroeder and Jim Evans will both be happy to lead you to French Lick. Details can be found in this issue or you can call them directly for information. The conventions are also points-earning events this year and Jim and John will have dash plaques for all who join them or find their own way to MG 2014

On Sunday, June 29, Russ and Amy Mehaffey are hosting their third Landís End Rally. The Landís End Rally, the


second oldest continuing driving event in the history of the CMGC. While I am writing this, I realize that it may also be the case for the VMGCC. I donít know. It may be time for the historians to dig into the club records and figure what is, or was, the longest running MG Driving Event in Chicago. The Landís End Trail is also the event in 1925 where Cecil Kimber, at the wheel of Old No. 1 scored the first win for a MG sport sar. The beginning of a very long history and the predecessor of all our cars.†

Weíll talk about the July events next month. For now, please take a look at your calendars. Did you put some of these events on your list for this season? Still planning to go, I hope? And if none of these were on your calendar (thatís hard to believe isnít it?) it is still not too late to change your mind and participate anyway. I know very well that it is easier said than done. We had many plans for Emma this year. But our work schedules have been very crazy and with lots of travel. And, with even more travel coming up, Emma will not get to go to any of the June events. I am really hoping that you are in a better situation and your MG will enjoy the company of so many other club members. Weíll see each other in July!

Please feel free to give me a call at 847 342 9804 or drop me a note at, I like to hear from you.

"The more you drive, the more you smile".
-- Reinout Vogt

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