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There was a little clip in the Daily Herald a short while back (Sat. 5/17) titled Timeless Sports Car. “Classic roadsters displaying the MG - for Morris Garages – grille are prized collector’s items. Now fans of the marque can wear a replica of the grille on their wrists.” As a former TD owner I was interested so I went to the listed web-site Turns out it is affiliated with British Motor Heritage. The watch face looks like a T-series grille and comes in three color combos called Abingdon, Cecil Kimber, and Cream Cracker. They look pretty nice, except, and you knew this was coming, for the price. Most of the MG owners that I know are rather frugal (hell, downright cheap) and will not want to spend £1,400 plus shipping on a watch. That’s over $2,360 in real money.

Something more in our price range, free, are two additions to the club library. Ann and Jake Snyder donated an additional VHS copy of ‘SU Carburattors, Overhaul, Tuning and Maintenance’ and a book titled ‘The Great Horse-less Carriage Race’ about the first American auto race. As in, the Cruise to the Rock, an event that Ann has championed for years.

the gret horse-less carriage race The Great Horse-less Carriage Race
By Michael Dooling, 2002, 32 pages, color illustrations

This is a nice children’s book about the first U.S. auto race held right here in Chicago. It has very little text but large color illustrations by the author. Should be good for young kids to read or to be read to. The average adult should be able to read it in less than five minutes. MG owners should be able to get throught in about an hour, and Triumph owner should take---------did I mention it has lots of pictures?

~~Bill Mennell

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