Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2015

The Steering Column

David Novak
Left Hand Drive
from our President
Well, I think it’s finally here: SUMMER! And it’s about time! As you can see, we’re into the part of the club calendar that is jam packed. We just had a great Spring Chicken run, hosted by George and Jana Phariss, and as usual, it was a great time! We’re looking forward to the Austin/Healey club’s Autocross! I’m sure the MG’s of the club can give those folks a run for their money! But it’s also a great chance to hang out with people who have the same interests as we do.

The NAMGBR gathering in Niagara Falls is coming up, and thankfully the Nuffield Cup is on it’s way with Oscar and Diana Gonzales! It’s important that we “show off” the Cup while we have it because… well.. Uh.. because we can..? Yeah, because we can!

Summer is also the time where not only the club is busy, but all of our friends, and family, from far flung places like to come and visit! Where are these folks in February? Probably someplace warmer than Chicago! Oh well, summer *IS* a great time to be in Chicago!  So we’re just happy that it’s finally here!

With summer kicking off, it’s time for top-down cruising! I can’t wait! Let’s have a safe and exciting summer!

-- Dave Novak      

Welcome New Members!

The officers and members of the Chicagoland MG Club extend a cordial “MG Welcome” to the new member who has joined our club in recent months. We wish you “Safety Fast” and hope you will avail yourself of as many club activities as you can.

Kevin Hasemeyer Steger IL 1974.5 white MGB
Gib Moore Bartlett IL 1978 white MGB

Note: To any member whose name does not appear above, your application may have missed our deadline.

If you don’t see your name next month, call our Membership Chair, Victor L’Heureux at (847) 533-3912 to verify


Ray Hansen

The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive  
from our Vice-President  
BUYING A NEW CAR.…This would normally be an exciting time for some people but for me it is a nightmare.

What to buy? What color? Who has the best deal? Will I get a fair price or will I be taken and pay too much? Too much is really not the phrase to use. All cars are too much. This will not be a fun little British car but a standard car for every day driving. I know some of you drive your LBC daily but I am not one of them. Actually, this will be a car for Susan. She has been driving her present car for 10 years and over 100,000 miles. We never had to spend anything other than oil changes, tires and brakes so this car has served us well.

But alas it is time that the old car needs some work. The repair estimates came in at about what the car is worth so we decided that this is probably the start of more issues so we are bailing out. The past weekend was spent at an auto dealer. This is such a pain. It was warm out and all I could think of is what a good day for a drive. Susan and I spent three hours looking at what was available in our comfort level of spending, test driving, haggling over price, haggling over price and haggling over price along with all the other stuff that goes with buying a car. By now it was time for the manager. As usual the manager had to see how he could make the deal happen right now. We left telling them that we wanted to explore other manufacturers. Seemed like the easiest way out but we really did want to check our options.

After checking prices on line and getting quotes from various dealers I think I got the best price I could. Still not in my comfort range but what can I do? Here’s hoping we get another car that lasts 10 year and 100,000 miles with no repair bills.
See you on the road in my wife’s new car.

~~ Ray Hansen & Maggie    
(AKA Little Red)

Auto Appraisal Group
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