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to Encinitas CA to lean on Scott and Mary Davidson for use of their garage again. By that time my right hand was numb from propshaft vibration, so time to change a U-joint and tend to the stuck bushing problem.

By Wednesday May 13 I had the propshaft out to replace the bad U-joint and remove the stuck bushing from the propshaft spigot. I also ordered Loctite 620 bearing set adhesive and some 660 bronze bushings for next day air delivery (not shipped until next day so make that two days). In the evening we spent more than a few hours reinstalling the wiper drive (and pedals) in Scott's MGA. The following day I was just a lump waiting for parts delivery, but got to check out two sets of original side curtains for MGA.

Spirits were better when the bushings arrived Friday morning. I had grand plans for installing the tail bushing without removing the gearbox from the car. Bushings were honed for working fit on the propshaft tail housing bore was cleaned with solvent and dried Loctite applied to OD of bushings and bushings being driven into the housing. I was one inch away from success and elation when it hit a snag and the bushings stopped short of full seating not moving any farther even with a hard swat of a heavy hammer. It took about five seconds to realize (or admit) that the engine and gearbox had to come out to rectify this problem. So much for the good spirits. Several phone calls later Sky Hoffman from the San Diego MG Club was in route with an engine hoist while I was beginning disassembly of the center carpet and shifter and much of the engine bay. By dinner time the engine and gearbox were out of the car.

Saturday May 16, busy day again, but better. Remove tail housing from gearbox, apply heat to tail end with propane torch for 10 minutes, and the errant bushing was pulled out. After cool down a new bushing was installed, and all was right with the world again. Then it was just grunt work to put it all back together. In the process I replaced studs on bottom end of exhaust manifold and filed out two holes in the manifold to allow re-installation. I also replaced a badly worn choke arm on the carburetor (so fast idle would work again), and tweaked the steering U-joint to make the splines tight, then got everything else reassembled and had the car back on the road after dark. Whew! But it's just maintenance. Sunday and Monday were quasi days off, catching up with email, tech questions, BBS a few web page revisions and beginning to rearrange appointments to take up where we left off almost a week earlier.

We now have immediate plans to visit Jim Alcorn at Auto Vintagery in La Jolla CA to discuss MGA Twin Cams, and Moss Motors in Goleta CA to discuss problem parts, and of course a bunch more car clubs and MG owners. Follow out follies at http:/

-- Barney and Elliot Gaylord

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