Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2016

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2016

Victor Lheureux

33 Members & guests in attendance

CMGC president Dave Novak opened the meeting at 8:02 pm.

Car Projects
Seth Jones is currently still working on getting his garage in order so he can start refurbishing the sheet metal of his 1971 MG Midget. He has a good start with the workbench in place, air compressor and miscellaneous metal-working tools from Barney Gaylord. Two front fenders and a valence were picked up at the CMGC Swap Meet last month.

Dean Hickenlooper noted that the has a hard-starting issue with his 1979 MGB. After an exhausting engine rebuild and body restoration, the car was running great. Then the hard-start and poor engine performance started. A number of new parts didn’t seem to help. Unfortunately, many experienced hands at the Spring Tune-up weren’t able to correct the problem, although the starting is better, it is not fixed.

  Dave Novak fired up the computer and showed a number of T-series MG videos.

Break/ 50:50 raffle – CMGC member – Rich Meservey -- was the winner of the $20. He decided to let the money rollover until next month.

  Meeting Business
Swap Meet—Jim Evans presented a brief summary of last month’s Swap Meet. Statistics show 531 customers were in attendance viewing wares and parts provided by 58 vendors occupying 80 spaces. This is down from last year’s totals of 550 customers. We have 103 vendor space available at the event so the vendor attendance was also downsized. There really does not appear to be any direct reason for the low turnout – the weather was great and there were no organizational problems.


Jim noted that in the 20 years of operation the Swap Meet, vendor attendance falls into three categories – one-time vendors cleaning up their garage; professional vendors dealing in car-related wares; and regular vendors that show up every few years. We may have hit a cycle where all these vendors were in a down cycle. In any event, the club made a profit of $1,700 for the work performed in this event.

Past Events (detail summaries of these events are in the June Driveline issue)
April 30 – Miata Autocross in Schaumburg, IL. Event was cancelled after a few runs due to rain.
May 7 – Spring Tune-up – 23 cars attended the 4-hour event.
May 14 – Car Care Safety Clinic for Seniors – Three CMGC members assisted in this event
May 15 – Spring Chicken Rally --

Upcoming Driving/Social Event Schedule (additional details of these events are in the June Driveline issue)
May 20-22 – Spring Tour organized by VMGCC member Ric Maitzen
June 3 – Champagne British Car Festival, Bloomington
June 8 – VMGCCC Meeting with the Aussie’s at Pizza Joint, Northlake, IL—7:00 pm
June 11 – Miata Autocross!
June 13-17 – MG2016, Louisville, KY
June 18 – Blackhawk Raceway – Vintage Racing Group will be highlight of this event.
June 18 – Highland Games, Itasca

With no further business to discuss, president Dave Novak closed the meeting at 9:41 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux
CMGC Secretary

Vintage Sports car, LLC.
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