Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2016


It was a cold and rainy day for our first autocross of the season. Murphy had been very busy. My car was still on the lifts because of a shattered bumpstop spacer block and numerous rusty bolts. Dean Hickennlooper was having carburetor troubles. Rich Meservey showed up but found he had an oil leak that disqualified him. So only James Brennen and Tim Schafer actually ran to represent the club. Both Reinout Vogt and I showed up to offer our encouragement. Shortly after the drives meeting the skies opened up and pelted the drivers, cars and the track. James made 2 runs and was sliding all over the place. He decided it was unsafe to continue. Wise man. Tim was in the second run group and got in 4 runs. But everyone was slipping and sliding all over. One Miata driver lost control and crashed into a trailer that was parked on the sideline. After only a few runs for each run group the Miata club decided it was too wet to continue and they closed up early. So ended the first autocross for 2016.

I still hope to get my car on the road soon. Our next autocross is with the Austin Healey club on June 5th. Location is theRegal Cinemas Cantera parking lot at 28250 Diehl Road in Warrenville. Pre-registration is not required but, please email Jim Compton at if you plan to attend. Registration will open at 8am on location. The drivers meeting will be at 8:30am with the first car off at 9:00. This is a nice half day event. Last time I went we got in 4 or 5 runs. The cost is $10 per diver (non-Austin Healey Club member). Then somewhere after 11 am we’ll adjourn to a local restaurant for lunch and awards. Bring your own helmet if you have one. If not some loaners will be available. Licensed and insured drivers ONLY! Seat belts are required.

Then the following Saturday June 11th we will be rejoining the Windy City Miata Club at Boomers stadium. Pre-registration is HIGHLY recommended. You can register 2 weeks before the autocross. Here is the link to the registration page.

All the usual rules apply. Remember the Miata autocrosses are full day events. Check the rules or contact Jim Compton for more details.
2016 Chicagoland MG Autocross Participation Schedule

June 5, 2016   Austin Healey Autocross—Winfield IL

June 11, 2016   Miata Autocross II—Boomers Stadium , Schaumburg, IL

July 9, 2016   Miata Autocross III—Boomers Stadium , Schaumburg, IL

August 21, 2016   Miata Autocross IV—Boomers Stadium , Schaumburg, IL

The Miata club Autocross runs the entire day. There is a morning session and an afternoon session. During a session you will drive, work and rest. The sequence will depend on which run group you’re in. New drivers are usually in the first run group so that some of the coaches are able to ride with you and help with pointers.

Our cars are generally the oldest out on the track. This causes much interest. We have been asked for rides by other participants. Many of these folks have never ridden in an MG. So come on out, share your love of LBC’s and have fun.

If you have any questions call or email me.:     847-922-9800

~~Jim Compton

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