Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2016

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Since the 29th of April we have tinkered with more cars than the normal two-a-week pace, starting with an MGA in Hillsville, VA. Then an MGA roadster an MGA Coupe and an MGB GT in Orangeburg, SC. Follow that with and MGB in Winnsboro, SC, plus an MGB, an MGA and MG TF in Columbia, SC. By now we have worked on or otherwise assisted more than 200 vintage cars in the past two years. On May 7th we visited British Car Club Midlands Centre (25 cars and 40 people) in Columbia, SC, where we were introduced to at least five MGs needing help. One MGB got a simple idle adjustment, a drain tube cleaning, a door mirror fix, and some electrical work. Another MGB got an ignition coil and rotor to get running again. One MG TD not running got a once-over to determine what it may need for restoration work. An MG TF got complete carburetors rebuild with new jets and needles, Teflon jet seals, new studs for the intake manifold, and LOTS of electrical work. An MGA got a control box repair and adjustment, some other electrical trouble shooting, replacement of steel pipe for the oil pressure gauge signal line, new master cylinder, rear slave cylinders, three brake hoses, clutch slave cylinder repacking, unsticking a frozen clutch disc, all new seals and rubber buffers and A-arm pivot bushings in the front suspension, and will get new horns installed (after I get some sleep).


We made one mad dash (3-1/2-hour drive) from Columbia, SC to Raleigh, NC to attend a Thursday night Natter and Noggin for North Carolina MG Car Club (about 40 people). Just short of the destination the (second) plastic fan in the MGA disintegrated, causing another minor damage to the radiator (which was fixed the following day). That delay caused a small change of plans, so we stayed in Raleigh for the Triangle British Car Show on Saturday (about 150 cars) before returning to Columbia, SC late night. That was followed by a few more daysí work on MGs. Now we are expecting to spend at least two more weeks in the Carolinas before heading to Louisville, KY for MG 2016 in mid-June.

~~Barney & Elliot Gaylord   1958 MGA with an attitude

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