Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2017
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Ray & Sue Hansen in Maggie (AKA Little Red)
it all on skill! Congratulations. The MG winner was Dean & Kerry Hickenlooper, he was 6½ inches in forward and in reverse, 2 inches. for a score of 65. Second in the driving was Steve Sparks with measurements of 2½ inches in reverse and 13 inches in the front for a score of 48. Jim & Lois Evan were third with measurements of 2½ inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear for a score of 45 points.

For the Navigators, there were 4 questions with each being worth 10 points. The top score was a perfect score of 40 by Nancy & Ric Maitzen. Congratulations. Second was Jean Heasley & Bill Kalafut with a score of 36 and third was Mary & Ralph Brooks with a score of 33.

Typical backroad scenery along the tour route.

Ralph & Mary Brooks’ TD replica at Cruisin’

Since this was a combined event and the First-Place Prize went to Dean & Kerry Hickenlooper with a score of 83 points. Second was Jim & Lois Evans with a score 77 points and third place went to Steve Sparks & Jody Simons with a score of 76 points. Congratulations to all our winners at this year’s Spring Chicken Run.

3rd place—Steve ‘Sparky’ Sparks & Jody Simons
2nd place—Jim & Lois Evans

1st place—Dean & Kerry Hickenlooper
The drive started at the Deer Park Town Center shopping mall and finished at Cruisin, located in Gilberts. The driving distance was about 40 miles. I want to thank my son Kirk who helped me with the scoring and measuring. Obviously, I could not have done it without Jana helping to plan and map the drive. We also had several people join us at Cruisin for lunch, but were unable to make the drive. The food was good, but the Friendship is always the best. Only one car had any problems and he ran out of gas. You will never guess who that was! We also sang Happy Birthday to Ray Hansen!

~~George Phariss

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