Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2017
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MG cars at the EAA Museum.

Happy cows...
What is a ‘Robotic Dairy Farm?? Well, we’re soon to find out. A few miles out of town we drove into the Knigge Farms in Omro, WI to meet with the owners and get a tour of the first dairy farm in the United States to have robotic milkers. We witnessed the free-stall dairy barn robotic milking and automatic calf-feeding equipment where cows milk themselves 24 hours a day. Cows actually lined up to be milked by a machine! The cows graze troughs of specialized feed (alfalfa, corn, soybeans, oats and wheat), lounge on beds of straw (layered on soft rubber and foam cushioning) in open stalls, and get in line for milking when they feel the utter pressure. The robotic enclosure allows entry for one cow at a time, monitors the electronic necklace around the cow’s neck and a machine gives an ‘under body wash & scrub’ before attaching the milkers. When complete, the cow exits and continues to graze; and repeat the cycle three time a day, seven times a week without any human contact. A computer monitors each cow for frequency and amount of milk produced. Any equipment failure is relayed to the owners for resolution. What technology!

On our way back from the farm we stopped by the Fox Cities British Car Club for a clubhouse tour. The clubhouse was a large building partitioned into several working/play areas. There were a few vintage cars still being stored. In addition to being a year-round auto storage facility; the clubhouse provides clubhouse members with a self-service shop which contains three overhead lifts, an oil change station, and assorted tools for those wishing to work on their car. Additional amenities include an English style pub and a fully equipped kitchen for you to use. Body work and painting are the only activities the facility does not have. We witnessed three restoration projects in progress and watched as a few club members were working on their cars. The place was busy with activity.

Time to head back to the motel and get ready for dinner. Tonight, we are going downtown Oshkosh again along the river to the Fox River Brewing Company. This quint establishment featured a great view of the river marina feeding Lake Winnebago, good food selection and great beer! When the evening came to an end, car & drivers headed back to the motel.

Sunday morning and thoughts were about heading home. A few of us decided to visit the Paine Art Museum before heading home. The historic Paine estate features a mansion with more than two dozen rooms and many surrounding architectural structures, such as outbuildings, walls and gates and gardens. Designed by architect Bryant Fleming, the Paine mansion is a 1920’s Tudor Revival-style house inspired by English country estates. Fleming varied the house’s interior and exterior architectural features to give it the appearance of being built over three centuries in evolving English styles. The elegance and attention to detail was phenomenal.

~~ Vic tor L’Heureux
The sun was coming out and the day turned wonderful for the short ride home.

Thanks to Ric & Nancy Maitzen for a wonderful trip.

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