Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2010

Business Meeting Minutes
Third Monday, June 21, 2010

Victor L'Heureux Chicagoland MG Club
Monthly Meeting
– June 21, 2010

Attendance: 35 members

The monthly meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm by President, Dave Peterson.

Dave recognized new visitor Peter Schmalz in the meeting. Peter is a new owner of a 1978 MGB and is in the process of getting it road-ready.

Car projects – Jim Evans remarked he had a fuel problem returning from a weekend tour. He noticed a raw fuel smell while driving and found a faulty fuel line connection. It appears that the tubing used for a replacement was of an incorrect mate-rial and had deteriorated at the fitting. The correct tubing should be marked SAE 30 spec R7.
Dave Bralich noted that with the driving season in full swing, members should be aware of an important piece of safety equipment that should be in your vehicle. A fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires are small but could be a car-saver. Fuel problems like mentioned by Jim are common and could result in a disastrous ending if not prepared.

Spring Chicken tour – Bill Reece noted that this year the tour hosted 27 cars and 1 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Dave Peter-son assisted in setting up the tour from the western suburbs to Bill‘s cottage in the Lake Geneva area where a bodacious pic-nic feast awaited the guests. Good weather and good driving made an for an ideal event.
Land’s End Rally - Jim Evans remarked that 18 cars took part in the 60-mile trek through the countryside of the western sub-urbs ending at Niko‘s Lodge in Wasco, IL. The rally consisted of two scored checkpoints in addition to 25 rally questions to be answered in-route. Ralph and Sue Arata were the 1st place winners of the event.

Secrets of Jo Daviess County tour - Dan Herman again hosted this wonderful tour through many secondary country roads of northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin. The two-day (or three-day event if you were brave enough to navigate the monsoon on Friday night to Dan‘s house) took in some fa-miliar scenery along with navigating some new roads meeting Dan‘s high standards for drivability. There were no breakdowns in this 600-mile excursion and the weather couldn‘t have been better for this event.

Technical Session – June 5th – focused on front wheel bearings. Event was held at Dave Bralick‘s garage in Streamwood, IL.
Technical Session – June 12th –basic MIG welding and floor-board replacement took place at Bob Evans‘ garage in Me-dinah, IL. A follow-up session is being planned to continue welding work on the car.


Upcoming Events– See details in the Driveline or on the Web-site of the many events available for club members in the near future.
One-tank Tour – 7/11/10 – Jim Evans is sponsoring this event and will take a ride along the scenic Blackhawk trail. More in-formation will be available on the website and in the Driveline. Road America Camping Trip – 7/16-18 - Jake & Ann Sny-der are again hosting this annual event. Come early on Friday afternoon to set up your tent so you are available to see the pa-rade of race cars held downtown in the evening.
NAMGAR GT-35 - will be held at Lake Lawn Resort on Dela-van Lake, July 26th thru 29th. Go on-line to get additional de-tails. ( Barney Gaylord will be hosting a hydraulics tech session dur-ing the event.

50/50 Raffle –Bill Reece went home $15 richer after winning tonight‘s raffle.

Guest Speaker – Mark Frendreis of On the "Mark" Paintless Dent Repair, Inc.
Mark has been working in the paintless dent repair field since 1991. He was one of the original PDR technicians to work in the Chicagoland area for one of the leading PDR companies from 1991 - 2003. In April 2003, Mark decided to open his own paintless dent repair company in Algonquin, IL. His mobile repair can go to your work facility or home for the repairs. "Paintless Dent Repair", commonly referred to as PDR, is the process of removing minor dents from vehicles without doing body or paintwork. The PDR process is effective for removing typical door dings, dents caused by shopping carts, and hail damage. Your car's original paint remains intact, PDR is priced significantly lower than traditional repair methods, and most repairs are done within hours vs. days. Mark can be reached at 847-902-4741 or visit his website at:

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L‘Heureux, CMGC Secretary

Victor L‘Heureux  

(Continued from page 3)   Left hand Drive
start on Sunday morning in Viroqua, WI during the tour, there was a small backfire which in turn reminded me that my in-take manifold still has a J.B. Weld plug. That plug was put in place by the DPO (damned previous owner) and put back in place by the DPO (damned present owner) and still not prop-erly fixed. Another item on the to-do list.
As Editor, John said last month there are plenty of reasons for being active in the club. One excellent one is the wealth of technical information and support available from other members.
See you on the road!

Safety Fast
-- Dave Peterson

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