Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2011

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Third Monday, June 20, 2011

Victor L'Heureux

Attendance: 31 members

Bill Reece opened the meeting at 7:59 pm and welcomed guest Randall Castro. Randy who has a 1974 MGB that is currently in repair in Denver.

Current Member Projects
Steve Boswick
– just finished a complete front-end replacement on his MGB. His ‘words of wisdom’ for this project is to have all the replacement parts ready for assembly and don’t try to skimp on reusing pins, arm bushings, etc. – it is just not worth the effort to try and salvage these parts.
Dave Bralich – replaced an alternator recently and attached it to the engine block with one long bolt instead of the two short bolts. This resulted in a problem causing damage to the water pump located nearby due to flexing.
Randall Castro – asked for assistance in repairing his chokeassembly.

Past Events
Spring Chicken Tour
- 5/22/11 – Bill Reece noted the tour from St. Charles ending at his Lake Geneva cottage for a Spring Chicken Lunch was a successful event enjoyed by over 36 members.

Garage Tours - 6/11/11 – Dino Perez was thankful that the day event was only hampered by a slight drizzle. 13 cars were in caravan visiting five members’ garages in the northwest suburbs. The tour ended at Dino’s house with refreshments (great job Melissa!). Dino would like to provide a similar event in the southwestern suburbs and asked for members in that area to host their garage.

Autocross – 6/12/2011 – This event was sponsored by the Austin-Healey Club. Joel-Paul Brossard attended the event along a few other CMGC members. This was Joel’s first Autocross and was quite a thrill - definitely will do it again.

MG2011 – Reno, NV – 6/13-17/2011 – Early email report from John Schroeder noted that they had a wonderful time at this well-orchestrated event and will have more info soon since they are still in route to home.

Tech Session – 6/18/2011 – The MGB Rear Axle ‘Clunk’ Removal hosted by Barney Gaylord was attended by 12 members. We were able to repair nine of the vehicles in the afternoon time allotted. Some members were not able to stay for the entire event and will attempt the repairs at a later date. Vic L’Heureux was also able to get his drivers’ seat frame repaired during the visit. The repair consisted of removing the seat, disassemble the frame, remove the upholstery, and fabricate a pin to weld into the broken frame tubing. Finishing touches included grinding the weld, painting and reassembly.


VSCDA Historic Races - Blackhawk Farms Raceway – 6/17-19/2011 – An exciting weekend of vintage racing and flyovers by vintage airplanes at a classic road racing course was attended by four CMGC members. 140 cars participated in the Trans-Am 2500cc B-Sedan Challenge Race and Victory Lane Magazine’s Vintage Formula Vee Festival Race Series. Both Saturday and Sunday featured a full day of practice, qualifying and races. Sunday afternoon featured a 60-minute Enduro for 2000cc and under cars.

Upcoming Events: - (additional information available on the CMGC website.)
Lucas ‘before evening’ Rally – 6/25 - Dino Perez again invited members to attend this event to be held this weekend.

VMGCCC ‘Tally Ho’ Rally – 7/10 – The 45-mile rally is sponsored by the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago and has been well attended in the past. Come join in the fun.

Road America Vintage Race & Camping trip – 7/15-17/11 – Jake Snyder noted that this event presents cars that cover the span from the 50’s to some that were raced in international competition only a few years ago. This rare treat is up close and personal. To take advantage of all the action, the CMGC group will camp nearby the Road America track.

Secrets of Jo-Daviess County Tour – 7/15-17 – Dan Herman presented a video presentation update of the popular event.

Midget 50 – 7/18-22 – CMGC members are invited to attend the 50th anniversary of the postwar MG Midgets. The event will be held after the RA Vintage Races in Elkhart Lake, WI.

Orphan Auto Picnic – 8/21 –This event to be held at the Kendall County fairgrounds will have British cars as the marque this year. There is a valid ‘Special Event’ license plate available for purchase from the State of Illinois.

50/50 Raffle – Tom Lancaster went home $18 richer.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux, CMGC Secretary

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