Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2011
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Progressive Garage tour
June 11, 2011

On June 11, 2011, the first CMGC Garage tour took place. There were 9 MGs, and one non-British car that showed up. The weather was great for the day, very British.

We started at Ray Sue Hansen’s garage, where we were offered coffee, tea, doughnuts cheese and homemade muffins. It seemed that there was much more conversation taking place in the kitchen of his beautiful home than in the garage, and consisted of many topics besides MGs. Victor and Penny L’Heureux unfortunately had to cancel, so we ended up going to Rob and Mary Bard’s place to see his garage, and attached house, but really to see his lift. It was a very nice drive on lift. Members, if you need to use a lift you know who to call.

From the Bard’s we went to the garage of George and Jana Phariss. Another beautiful garage, with a house attached. It was kind of interesting in that attached to the two full size stalls there was an MG size stall for his B. Again refreshments were served and we had a great time.


The next stop was at Scott and Diana Kiederlen’s. While the other garages looked like showplaces, this is the garage (except for the lack of a lift) that I liked best because it looked like a working garage. Again refreshments were served. (Sorry about eating all the sausage.)

From here, we went to Russ and Amy Mehaffey’s. Another showplace garage, with a computer hooked up to show the history of the work he did on his A.

After spending time at the Mehaffey’s, we went to Dino and Lisa Perez’s house. Despite the fact we were late, Lisa was a fantastic hostess. We were served hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken with various sides and drinks. Dino’s limo was there as well as the V8 he is working on. I had to leave about 4:00 so I don’t know how long the party lasted, but the people who were there all enjoyed themselves.

The only other thing I can tell you is that I had a great time and would be more than happy to go on another tour. And please encourage your spouses/significant other to attend as well.
-- Maynard

Look what I did..!

For the avid MG enthusiast, there can be no efforts too large to augment one’s garage housing their prized MGs

Mike Cobb made his 1974 damask red MGB and 1953 ivory MGTD (not pictured) feel right at home with the MG logo emblazoned on his garage floor.

Great job, Mike!

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