Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2011
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Lucas (before) Night Rally
June 25, 2011

Some half-dozen club members braved the overcast skies to challenge the POD for a successful rally experience. Organizers Dino & Lisa Perez laid out a scenic back road route for this low-key event. Driving time was about two hours. Rallyists were challenged to answer route questions while counting certain traffic control signs along the way. An agent of the POD himself
stopped rallyists along the way (e.g. a “checkpoint”) to determine their worthiness to dice with Mr. Darkness, success being contingent upon their preparedness for possible (?) electrical failures while en route.

Jim Evans leaves his MGB to join the lunch group


Dino announces the Rally winners

The drive ended at Rosie O’Hare’s in South Elgin, where folks enjoyed English/Irish beers and food while discussing their experiences.

This rally was well organized and managed; definitely in line with the club’s intent to demystify rallying for newer members. Any novice could have won this rally.

In the past, some club members have complained about the Lucas Rally being held after dark; unfortunately, none of these particular folks showed up for the daylight version so we don’t know their take on the difference.

-- Jim Evans

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