Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2011
Late Entry...
MG 2011, A Western Experience
June 13-19, 2011

Four of us met at the DeKalb Oasis on June 9, this year for the trip to Reno, Nevada. Roger and Shirley Goebbert, Ann and I left the oasis before seven AM heading west on I-88. It was raining when we left the oasis and we drove into rain all day. In Des Moines we had to slow to 35MPH to see well enough to drive. Here is the big confession; our MGs stayed home this year. It was nice to be dry, but we would miss the B before the trip was over. We drove to Kearny, Nebraska the first day. Friday was cloudy, but the rain had stopped. We drove to Cheyenne, WY, before stopping for lunch and viewing one of the largest steam locomotive ever made, the Union Pacific Big Boy.

We made it to Rock Springs in the southwest corner of Wyoming. Later in the evening, Shirley called to tell us they would have to go home because of a death in their family. We said goodbye on Saturday morning before heading west again. Ann and I had lunch at a microbrewery in Evanston, Wyoming and strolled through the town and along their river walk. We made it to Wendover, Utah that night, toured the historic Air Force Base, and drove out to the Salt Flats. The next day we arrived in Reno.

This was the once every five year all register meet, so it was a special adventure. A large group drove across on US 50, the Loneliest Road in the World. There were cars from all over the US and Canada, including many models I had never seen before. Monday evening we walked to the National Auto Museum. We had dinner and enjoyed the collection. Of course, there were not enough MGs. Thursday was the car show in an open field north of the Casino. It was a beautiful day and the cars were sparkling. Jack Feldman and his son drove their C from Oregon. I missed having our B. We had a very good dinner and awards banquet. We met a lot of new friends and saw a lot of friends from prior trips. As always, it was a great time.

Ann and I made side trips to Donner Pass, around Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and Virginia City. We went further south on the way home. We spent a nice relaxing evening in Georgetown, Colorado and decided we could live there. We drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and again I was glad we had left the MG at home. We reached 12,250+ feet elevation at the highest point. The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful, and we were glad to pull into our driveway. We traveled just over 4,600 miles.

MG 2012 will be held in Dillard, GA, June 6-10, 2012. It is never too early to start planning to join us. It is much closer and the mountains are no where near as high. We hope you can join us next year.

-- John Schroeder  

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