Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2012
Past Events
Austin-Healey AutoCross
July 13 –15

On Sunday June 3, drivers Seth Amos Jones (‘71 Midget) and yours truly Joel-Paul Brossard (‘77 chrome bumpered “B”) represented CMGC at this year’s Austin Healy Club sponsored Gymkhana event. It was a beautiful sunny dry day, with participants in big Healy 3000s, a couple of Frogeye Sprites and drivers from other clubs including Lotus, Morgan, and Triumph. Everyone got at least 5 runs in, and the course was quick and tight. Seth was awarded 1st Place for MG Midget, with a very respectable best time of 42.03, and I was awarded 1st Place for MGB with 47.32 I ran one race in Seth’s Midget with Seth as co-pilot and ballast, and beat my own best MGB time with 45.06.

Following the event, Everyone retired to the Red Robin restaurant nearby for eats, refreshments, awards, conversation and camaraderie. And a big thanks to Bill Cantrell and the AH club.

Interestingly, I noticed that the quicker times by drivers in the 1275 Frogeye Sprites, 3000s and the Lotus and Morgan crowd as well, reduced their rear tire pressure by 5-7 PSI and increased the front by 6-8 PSI. Need to try that at the next Miata meet. I wondered why some brought compressed air cylinders. The driver of a 1960 Morgan Plus 4 hit and ran up a curb, that mistake costing him a damaged wire wheel.
~~ Joel-Paul (JP) Brossard    

CMGC Garage Sale
June 16, 2012

Twenty shoppers, both club members and non-members, attended this year’s Garage Sale. The club storage locker was opened for perusal of the various extra MG parts that we have accumulated over the years, and interested parties participated in a “silent auction” to secure the items they wanted. Club parts sold included such items as: MGA hood, chrome bumper, wiper motors, windshield, intake manifold, numerous small electrical items, and more. Total sales were just under $300.

We still have a lot of miscellaneous parts, which are available to club members at any time – call me with your needs. We also accept parts donations – if you have some unwanted items that are too good to throw away, call me to arrange transfer from your garage to the club inventory.
~~Jim Evans    

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