Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2012

while the last couple of these cars, led by the intrepid Russ Mehaffey who realized this was the wrong way, turned west towards the hotel and cocktails (Group #4).

That left only me alone (Group #5). I soon realized those cars which had turned around were gone in a cloud of dust. I never did catch the main group but was able to navigate the last few miles to the hotel with the help of a pleasant old farmer with a hook prosthesis left arm and

Stops: The Secrets Tour is marked by intense driving punctuated by frequent, entertaining, and refreshing stops. Special thanks to Wally and Kathy Szempruch, with their two dogs, two houses, two sons, and two MGs under reconstruction. Thanks for the refreshments, and get your ’75 running so you can join us next year, Wally! Other ever-popular stops included Carr Valley Cheese (with its giant rat!), Whispering Winds Winery (congrats on the new 7 month-old grand-daughter to the very cheerful proprietor Jim Eisele), and the Tour End at the fabulous bierstube Baumgartner’s in Monroe – there’s no place like it, and I live in the City!

Driving Ahead: If you missed the 2012 Secrets Tour, and now regret it, as well you should, do not despair. You can still celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the MGB by driving a very similar tour, John and Ann Schroeder’s 2012 Wine and Cheese Tour, September 21-23. This is also a three day, two night road trip throughout SW Wisconsin with similarly enchanting driving (but less of it), maybe cooler weather, and an outdoor Shakespeare play. Sign up for that now, and definitely put the 2013 Secrets of Jo Daviess Tour on your calendar for next year! Maybe this time he will have it in Jo Daviess County, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Good job and many thanks, Dan!
~~John Kerns      

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