Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2013
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Tales of Mongrel
By Ralph Arata

Driveline Newsflash….Long Lost Brother Found!!

Reinout Vogt has been a long-time member of the Chicagoland MG Club. He is considered by this writer a “foundational” member of the organization due to his energy, enthusiasm and hard work to make the club a better place for its constituents. Currently, Reinout serves the tireless post of Driving Event Coordinator which is arguably one of the two most time consuming assignments. Reinout and his wife Henneke hail from the country of Holland and although they have presided in the USA for many years they still keep in touch with family and friends there.

An interesting event occurred a few weeks ago. This event was both startling and amazing in its very unique character! This story starts when Reinout was a boy in Holland. He and his brother EJ were hiking with his parents through the Black Forest of Germany. Reinout’s father was taking a break from some crucial negotiations at The Hague concerning the Israeli-Palestinian question. It was good to get the family away for a day of some R&R and hiking seemed the best therapy.

The Black Forest is a particularly dense woodland and very dark, ergo its name sake. While hiking, a sudden storm occurred with the skies darkening and winds becoming almost gale force. The rain came in torrents and the Vogt family had to make for cover quickly. While running for their car the family became separated. EJ was missing…lost in the storm.

Due to Mr. Vogt’s position both the national police and the army were called to the scene in a rescue mission. The search went on for almost 30 days but EJ was not to be found. The tragedy hit the papers for months, and although the negotiations at The Hague ended well, the fate of EJ remained unknown.

The family went on as best they could with EJ always in their thoughts.

Then a few weeks ago, in Chicago, at a non-MG Club social gathering, a miracle occurred! Reinout was talking with a gathering of dignitaries when a person in the crowd saw him and shouted his name… ”Mr. Vogt"! Reinout engaged the person but then a second inquiry was made by another person of Dutch origin interested in his name. The two men approached to greet each other, the second individual inquired about Reinout’s name which was also his own! The name VOGT! After a few minutes of mutual inquiry the fact EJ had returned was realized by both men! The long lost brother had materialized in a most unusual place!

Now, if you believe all of this I also have a lakefront condo in Nevada I want to sell you!!!

However, cool picture – it deserved a story!

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