Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2014

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Monthly Column of Driving Events

The 2014 Driving Events are in full swing and from the signup sheets I can see that many of you are taking advantage of the many events that the VMGCC and the CMGC are putting on. And it just continues in July and August with more driving events. Many of them are fairly well known. The 4th of July parade in Riverside, Ray and Sue Hansenís Lake Shore Tour, President Picnic, Cowboyís Drive in Movie Night, and Carl Vogelís Tally Ho Rally have been around a while and donít need as much special introduction. Details of all these can be found in the newsletter, on our websites, and in the CMGC email blasts.

But there are a couple of other events, that I would like to bring to your attention. The club has two new organizers this year. Phil and Sandy Wydra and Bill Kalafut, relatively new members, have signed up to organize an event. Their first event, I should say. These are remarkable commitments and fresh ideas from newer members.

Phil and Sandy are leading us on a Garage Tour that doesnít go by memberís houses and garages, but will stop at three classic car businesses. Two of them even advertisers in the newsletter that youíre holding right now if you are a CMGC member. A new idea and a good way to get to know the businesses that support us, our clubs, and our MGs.

Bill Kalafut invites us to be the featured car and clubs at the Westmont Street Fair. Not your regular cruise night, but a car event integrated in the weekly street fair in his home town.


There will be food, drinks, and two events for us. The event will feature a walking rally with club trophies and points for the championships, as well as a peopleís choice vote for our MGs, also with club trophies and points.

Both events promise to be something new; fresh ideas from new organizers. But here comes our part, and I mean yours and my part. We need to come out and show our support for Phil, Sandy, and Bill with as many MGs as possible. It isnít every year that we get new organizers and new events so please reserve the dates, Saturday, July 17, and Thursday August 28.

And one more event that I would like to bring to your attention and that is on Sunday, August 3. This is the day that a small group of MGs goes to the annual Peds in the Weeds picnic in Park Ridge for cancer patients and their families from "I>Advocate Health Childrenís Hospital Cancer Center. This is a little bit different from normal club events. We need only a few cars, a couple of T-Types, a Midget, an A, a B, and I will bring Emma. We park, picnic and take the kids for rides through the forest preserve. Iíll be calling around for cars in the next week or two and hope that youíll answer the call.

Please remember, this is summer, this is MG Driving Season.

"The more you drive, the more you smile".
-- Reinout Vogt

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