Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2014
Technical Stuff

Fix It With Steve...

Life at the Fix it garage has been a little quieter than usual.

Last week there were a couple of house calls to two MGBs. One got a nice new starter motor which cured the starting ‘clunk’!
The 1960 Minor brakes were investigated ( they are shot!). It is now ready and will be leaving soon for LA.
I actually found the time to work on a couple of my own cars later in the week which was nice, though I could not find the source of a nasty suspension noise on the SAAB.

On Saturday an Austin Healy pooped round and a 1977 MGB arrived with a wiring gremlin which we tracked down & hopefully put back into hibernation. I say hibernation because they will return, we just don’t know where or when.

I also got a couple of little jobs done on the TR6.
Sunday was the Downers Grove Fest car show, which I duly attended with the old Minis.

  For the weekend of June 28 I hope to be working on the TR6. The front end can go back together now. The dash base can go back in and I will be working on new bushes in the steering column.

With a bit of luck I may even get the door seals & glass back in. We shall see.

~~Steve Skegg

New Addition to Tool Locker

The club is now in possession of a wiring crimper tool designed for use with British “bullet” connectors. This is Moss #161-751 and comes with a small supply of both male and female connectors.

Contemporary hardware store connectors will not mate to standard MG connectors; this tool will allow you to place new MG style bullets on frayed wire ends or to replace unusable female receptacles.

~~Jim Evans

Motor Works
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