Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2014
Past Event

CMGC Garage Sale
June 3, 2014

The club held a cleanout sale at our storage locker on June 3rd. Weather was good but attendance was small at only about a dozen shoppers. A few items were sold at bargain prices, with total sales well under $100. Some remaining unsold items were later taken to the scrap yard for a few bucks.

~~Jim Evans

AHCA/CMGC Spring Gymkhana
June 8, 2014

This year’s event sponsored by the Austin-Healey Club of America was held at Regal Cantera Theater 28250 Diehl Rd, Warrenville.

I am a long time MG owner (1973 Midget) in the midst of a restoration of a 1959 MGA. I am looking for the correct color red interior for the car. I have never seen an original red interior for an MGA, but understand many of the after-market interiors are too dark. I was hoping to find a Chicago area MGA with an original red interior that I could take a quick look at and compare against various samples I have obtained from interior suppliers. If there is a member of the Chicagoland MG club that could be of assistance in connecting me with an owner of such a car, I would really appreciate it. My phone number is 312-407-0784

Thanks in advance,
Richard Witzel—Chicago, IL
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The Muse is on safari hunting the elusive esocidae, esox masquinongy. If we come back missing a finger or two, that means the catch was on. See you next month.

~~Bill Mennell

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