Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2014
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Landís End Rally
June 29, 2014

The weather forecast was not very encouraging. Rain seemed likely as I headed out for the rally meeting place. Iíve rigged up a voltmeter to the battery to monitor the alternator I spent all of last night fixing. I just donít trust it. I get to the starting point and a nice assortment of MGs are lined up and looking good. I feel a little out of place as my car hasnít had much cosmetic attention yet. Still I got some nice comments on my car. Thank you all.

The drivers meeting was detailed enough that I felt comfortable with what was expected and figured I wouldnít get too lost. The weather seems a bit more threating as I head west. But the sun peaks through the clouds often enough to give me hope that we just might complete this run before we get soaked. My car is running well. I keep scanning the gauges and meters looking for trouble. But none arises.

By the time we get past the first check point Iím starting to relax and wish I did have a navigator with me. I liked the check point questions. It made me think about what things I should have with me, which I didnít. ĎBe preparedí, kept running thru my mind. Up ahead I keep Garyís 66 MGB in sight. His grandson navigator has been doing great so for so I settled in and enjoyed the drive. (Why are there other MGs going in the opposite direction?)

I completed my first rally without incident. This was the longest drive I have done in my MG since I got it six weeks ago. And the first that didnít have me scampering back to the garage.

I have completed my first rally and am excited for the next. See you all for the Garage run

~~ Jim Compton

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