Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2015

MGAguru is on the Prowl

MGA Guru is Gone Mobile

Since last report in mid-May we have clocked another 6,000 miles (sure to be 48,000 miles for the trip before you read this). I had just put the engine back in the car (for the third time in a year) after repairing a gearbox tail bearing and propshaft U-joint.

We have visited Mel's Auto Repair in San Marcos, California, had a visit with James Alcorn at Auto Vintagery in San Diego, visited Rick Rogers at British Steel Restorations in Fresno, servicing some interesting cars (mostly British). We visited Peter Jurgins at British Sports Cars in San Luis Obispo with load of British cars in the show room and in the shop. We visited British 4X4 (Land Rover) in St Louis with lots of Land Rovers, a few vintage taxi cabs, and a fair variety of other British cars. We dropped in to visit Kelvin Dodd at Moss Motors in Goleta, CA, to discuss problem parts and possible fixes.

We attended a meeting with San Diego MG T Register, Valley British Auto Club in Fresno, the TC Motoring Guild in Montrose CA, Bakersfield British Car Club. We were in Danville for an all-MG car show "MGs By The Bay" presented by MG Owners Club Northern California. We had BBQ with Kansas City MG Club, and attended Heartland MG Regional Car Show in Parkville, MO. We did autocross with the Flatwater Austin Healey Club in Lincoln, Nebraska, and we met with MG Club of St Louis.

We visited Jay Newsome in Clovis, California, to tune up his MGA 1500, and Larry Zerwig from Fresno to diagnose a fuel problem with his MGA 1800, and another visit with an MGA project car. We saw Paul Hatter in Madera with an AH 3000 MK-I. three MGB GT, a Datsun 1500 and a Datsun 2000, but really here to diagnose an MGA with malformed body nose where the grill didn't fit. We had a visit with Larry Long in Santa Maria CA with a late model MGB daily driver, a late model Jaguar, a 1938 MG NB restoration project, a 1933 MG J2, a 1951 MG TD, a 1948 MG TC, and storing friend's 1972 MG Midget. Also a visit to Mark Benson in Topanga CA to check out his factory built Twin Cam race car.

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