Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2015
Past Event

Spring Chicken Run
May 31, 2015

The day started out cold, windy and overcast with 18 cars signed up for the drive. Of that number we had only one no show, but six additional cars showed up at the starting point to participate, so we had 23 cars make the drive. The cars looked great all lined up in our usual fashion.

The driving challenge at the start was a challenge because most everyone had their tops up. The challenge was the same as last year. How close can you drive up to a half inch diameter rod without touching it. The winner, Jim Compton stopped 1 inches from his rear bumper. Several other people were 2 inches away. During the drive in addition to navigating, the navigators had to count Red Barns (44), Golf Courses (2) and Public Schools (2).
Overall here were the top 5 based on the scoring of Driving and counting the barns, public schools and golf courses along the way. 5th was Mark and Cindy Michalak, 4th was Russ and Amy Mehaffey, 3rd was Ray and Sue Hansen,

2nd was Greg and his daughter Yvonne Bedell and first was Jim Compton and navigator Bob Dorley.

We were able to get out in the country and there were some good curvy roads. Steve and Liz LaFond experienced vacuum problems had to drop out. They had a good score from the drivers challenge and were in the hunt; but the best is that they were able to head home safely under their own power.

The end point was Cruisin located in Gilberts and it turned out to be a real treat. Gilberts was having their Community Days and because of the rains, the Gilberts' scheduled car show event was relocated at the last minute to the Cruisin parking lot. The owner of Cruisin set aside a spot for our cars and used the rest of his lot for the car show. It was a treat, because the spectators included our cars in the viewing and picture taking.

We also enjoyed looking at the cars in the show. The most novel car, I thought, was actually a pickup truck called the Rats Nest and the rear window had a decal that said, "Rust in Peace". The truck was a real hoot. The food at Cruisin was good, and yes they had chicken. They are a car-oriented eatery, and had a variety of beers on tap!

Thanks to all the participants for making it a fun event.

~~ George Phariss    

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