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the field. The concours competition was won by an MGC for the first time since the Cs joined NAMGBR last year. There was also a gorgeous red Midget that took high honors. There were over 260 cars on the field. Roger, Shirley, Ann and I went to a really neat Irish pub not far from the hotel for dinner. Ann and I had shepherd’s pie made with lamb and beef. Excellent!

Oscar and Diana weren’t able to join us Wednesday. Oscar was feeling a bit under the weather so they skipped the show. Diana drove him to an urgent care facility for tests and they sent him to Buffalo General Hospital for additional tests. The hospital wasn’t able to finish all of the tests they wanted so they admitted Oscar. Roger and Shirley drove over to meet Diana and bring her back to the hotel. He was finally released Friday morning for the drive back to Chicago.

On Thursday, Roger stayed at the hotel, while Shirley and Diana went back to the hospital to see Oscar. Ann and I decided to take advantage of a rain-free day and drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake for some sightseeing and lunch. We had a beautiful top down drive, again mostly on the Niagara Parkway to our destination. We found a parking spot on the main drag through town and did some window shopping before walking out to the shore of Lake Ontario. As we stood there looking over at Old Fort Niagara we realized we had now been on all of the great lakes. It was a neat thought. We have now visited all of the major bodies of water in our country.

Thursday evening was the banquet followed by a magic show at the Greg Frewin theatre. We went there in one of the provided shuttle buses. The show was excellent with all the usual and unusual tricks. The magician even arrived on stage in a beautiful red MGB and a cloud of smoke. My only objection was he kept changing his assistants into Tigers! After the show the awards presentation began. The Chicagoland MG club was recognized as our members Roger and Shirley Goebbert received the John Thornley Award for NAMGBR members who have contributed to MG community over the years. It was a moving award. It is the second time in four years Chicagoland members have taken the award home. Oscar and Diana Gonzales received the award in Dillard, Ga, in 2012.

On Friday, we packed up and drove into Buffalo to pick up Oscar for the drive home. It took us over an hour to get across the border. Then we met Oscar at the hospital where he was anxiously waiting to go and headed back to Chicago. The drive home was pretty uneventful except for the downpour in Pennsylvania and Ohio east of Cleveland. We stopped in Kim Tonry’s hometown of Elyria for the night and finished our drive the next morning.

Ann and I drove just under 1,300 miles for the trip. It was a great journey, worth every minute.

Next year MG 2016, the all register meet will be held in Louisville, Kentucky. They are expecting over 1000 MGs for this show. The dates are June 13–17, 2016. Mark your calendars. More information to come.

~~John & Ann Schroeder

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