Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2016

The Steering Column

David Novak
Left Hand Drive
from our President
An acquaintance of the Missus, somebody she knows tangentially through a group on social media, recently bought a rather nice looking MG-A. First thing I thought was to ask this person to join the club.

Seeing the pictures of somebody’s brand new pride-and-joy got me thinking. It reminded me of the day that I borrowed a friend’s SUV, and picked up a U-HAUL flatbed and headed to Grand Rapids. Only the beginning of the trip was slightly delayed due to the U-HAUL place insisting on all of the trailer lights working before I leave. However, after some parking-lot re-wiring, I had “most” of the trailer lights working, then a less-than-thorough inspection of the lights, and we were off!

When we finally got to Grand Rapids, there she was! Sitting in the parking lot, all by herself! Looking a little sorry for herself, and a bit lonely, but more-or-less as pictured on E-Bay. Yes, I bought a car, sight unseen, on E-Bay. When the seller came out of the building, in a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, and I’ll always remember this, he reached under his shirt (right hand, of course) and gave himself a huge scratch. Without missing a beat, he reached out and shook my hand.

And I didn’t care. I was too excited. And nervous. And scared. But mostly excited. The seller started her up, and she sounded pretty good. I hopped in and had a little spin around the parking lot, where I discovered it was a good thing I brought the flat-bed! The brakes were not, what you’d call, stunning. In fact, they were more like “barely perceptible”. Well, at least I knew where to start when I got home.

Hopefully this acquaintance will join the club as soon as soon as their excitement has slightly worn off to where they can think about something other than the brilliant, little, red MG-A sitting in the garage.
-- Dave Novak      

Auto Appraisal Group
Ray Hansen The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive  
from our Vice-President  
The upcoming 40th anniversary of the Chicagoland MG Club and the 50th anniversary of the Vintage MG Club of Chicago is much more than a champagne toast. It is, of course, about the celebration of these two mile-stone anniversaries. However, it is also a celebration of friendships developed through your involvement in your clubs.

The 40/50 Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, July 31st will actually start well before the champagne toast and cake cutting. The event will begin, as all good car club events should, with a drive. The 45-mile route will begin in Lake Bluff and end at the Burnham Harbor Yacht Club where we will enjoy a buffet lunch hosted by Chris Edmonds, Chicagoland MG Club member and Commodore of the Burnham Harbor Yacht Club. Lucky us to have this connection. The Burnham Harbor Yacht Club is located on Northerly Island, former home of Meigs Field. This amazing lunch location offers spectacular views of not only Lake Michigan, but also the Chicago Skyline.

The driving route will lead the caravan through the Northern suburbs on the turns and curves of Sheridan Road. Then, onto Lake Shore Drive for the final leg to Burnham Harbor.

There are many memories of breathtaking roads, cold and wet early morning drives, wineries, impossible clues, breweries, breakdowns, and so many laughs. It would be fun to share some of these memories with the club. So, when making your reservation, include one of your favorite MG Club memories. Most importantly join us for a great celebration, but you must RSVP by July 17th. The yacht club needs a final count by July 17th.

~~ Ray Hansen & Maggie    
(AKA Little Red)

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