Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2016


This month I want to talk about the new registration process for the Windy City Miata Autocross. Our friends at the WCMC had their web site hacked and the Autocross registration was the target. The folks at WCMC have joined with This means to register for a upcoming autocross like our July 9th event. You will have to go online to and create an account. After you’ve created your account go to the Windy City Miata website and register. Don’t forget your account info, you will need this to register. Register for the Sample event#1 to get a feel for the new registration process. Also Registration for the July 9th event is now open so register soon. If you have questions or problems call me and I’ll try to help.

Our Autocross season has been a string of Murphy’s luck. Our first Autocross in April was a downpour. Our second autocross was with the Healey Club. Tim Schafer took top honors of the MG’s. The June 11th Autocross was a bad day to be an MG. Dean blew a head gasket even before the event. Rich developed a radiator hose leak on the way to the event and Eric (not yet a member) caught fire during his first run. That left me all by myself to represent the MG’s. I did complete all 12 runs. But I missed having other MG’s to compete with. So Let’s get our cars healthy and make a good showing for the last two events this year. July 9th and August 21st.

See you there.
2016 Chicagoland MG Autocross Participation Schedule
July 9, 2016   Miata Autocross III—Boomers Stadium , Schaumburg, IL
August 21, 2016   Miata Autocross IV—Boomers Stadium , Schaumburg, IL

The Miata club Autocross runs the entire day. There is a morning session and an afternoon session. During a session you will drive, work and rest. The sequence will depend on which run group you’re in. New drivers are usually in the first run group so that some of the coaches are able to ride with you and help with pointers.

Our cars are generally the oldest out on the track. This causes much interest. We have been asked for rides by other participants. Many of these folks have never ridden in an MG. So come on out, share your love of LBC’s and have fun.

If you have any questions call or email me.:     847-922-9800

~~Jim Compton

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