Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2016
Special Report

Four M-Types at MG2016 in Louisville, KY
June 13-17, 2016

While most of the MMM models where produced in relatively small numbers (less than a couple of hundred), three models made it into the thousands; 3235 M-Types, 2083 J2’s, and 1973 PA’s. However, the 2016 NAMMMR directory, shows only 16 M’s but there are many more J2’s and PA’s listed. And in many meetings and car shows, Emma, our 1931 M-Type (2M2735) is (almost) alone. So, when we registered Emma for MG 2016 in Louisville, KY it seems a good idea to try to get as many M-Types as possible. Our registrar Lew Palmer provided me with the email addresses of all known M-Types in the US (members and former members). 

Along with the well-known photo of the line of M-Types leaving the factory in Abingdon I send everyone this email:

“You probably all have seen this photo before, but have you ever wondered how many MG M Types are there actually in it? It is kind of difficult to count, it could be 15, maybe 17, or even 20. And you know, it doesn’t really matter because, if we all bring our M-Types to MG 2016 in Louisville, KY, we’ll beat them anyway. Wouldn’t that be something; the largest gathering of M-Types in North America!”

The response wasn’t what I had hoped for so I sent out the following reminder:

"Maybe my idea to beat the number of M-Types in the photo in the first email was a little bit to optimistic. This photo might be more achievable. Of course I don’t hope for the kind of weather but six M-Types doesn’t have not be too far off. 

Luckily I have this photo as a back-up. Three M-Types at the start of a race (note that there are shadows, so it must have been sunny). The NAMMMR should be able to beat that easily, right? After all we have 17 or so in Lew’s latest directory and several more in the club records. 

But if everything fails, and Emma is the only M-Type at MG 2016, we’ll have a good time anyway. But of course, I hope to see as many of you as possible. If one M-Type is good, more M-Types must be better!” 

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