Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2017
Feature Event

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Scott drove the fastest and slowest MGs of the weekend. Here he is in the MGB that was on the pole and won every race in its class, that I saw over the two days that I was there. His 1932 J2 in Group 1 could, obviously, not compete with the much faster MGs in Group 1.

Marvinís Lester MG on the false grid just before the start of a race session.

Cowboy's MGB suffered from overheating on Friday. After he replaced the head gasket things went better but the engine was still a little low on power.

There were too many interesting cars to take pictures of and tell about. This is a late 30ís IndyCar, that raced in the famous Memorial Day Indy 500 a few times. The car was so much faster than anything else in Group 1 that driver Rex Barrett lapped slower cars several times within a 15-minute race session. The car has another soup-can sized exhaust pipe on the other side and it makes a beautiful, deep thundering sound when it goes around the track.

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