Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2017
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Summer Solstice Ice Cream Run
Tale of Two Cities
June 21, 2017

To celebrate the longest day of the year, in our own pagan way, The CMGC gathered together in their Mgs, indulge in premium ice cream and toast the Solstice.
Two groups assembled—one North and one South—to commemorate the event. Doug Clark hosted the event at Highland Queen Drive-In in LaGrange while Reinout Vogt hosted his group in Mount Prospect at Capannari Ice Cream.

Doug noted in LaGrange that between the burgers / ice cream, arcade games, "car park mini-tech sessions", and narrative driving tour - a good time was had by all. There were eight cars in total - six of them European sports cars (five MGs - four MGBs and a T-type). A total of 12 people came (eight from CMGC, three from VMGCC, and one from both). All went driving on the narrative tour except one in a modern car.

Up North, Reinout and company engorged in gourmet treats from a boutique ice cream shop so good, its vanilla was designated one of the top 10 “best Scoops in America” by Good Morning America and and Bon Appetit dubbed their ice cream a “top pick” and “awesome” respectively.

Then it was on the road for a short 4-block trip to Mrs. P & Me bar & restaurant for some evening snacks, libations and comradery. The 5 MG cars–3 MGBs, 1 T-type and 1 M-type–lined up in the parking lot and we prepared for the Solstice festivities. There were visions of circling the cars at 8:31pm and toasting the event. Instead, there were lively discussions of racing cars, upcoming events and time quickly got away from us.

I'm not sure if the evening could have been categorized as a "pagan festival” but it was a great way to spend the longest day of the year.

~~ Victor L’Heureux  

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